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Celebration of diversity distinguished lecture series
Celebration of Diversity Distinguished Lecture Series

Distinguished Lecture Series Sponsors

Butler University's Celebration of Diversity Lecture Series has been a joint collaboration between the University and the Office of the Mayor since 2002. While the mayor's office can facilitate focusing on issues of race and diversity, improved race relations occur when individuals of all racial and ethnic backgrounds share responsibility for dismantling barriers to diversity and multicultural interaction. As an institution of higher learning, Butler remains determined to do its part. The University is an appropriate host, with a long tradition of welcoming people from all backgrounds to the campus regardless of gender, race or creed.

In its  history, the Lecture Series has brought more than 75 speakers to Butler's campus, welcoming more than 50,000 attendees. To become a part of this exciting, community-based diversity initiative, contact Betsy Weatherly, Executive Director of Development, at 317-940-8851.