Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

Real-life experience and a commitment to service learning.

Our emphasis is on a variety of clinical experiences, collaborative research opportunities with faculty mentors, and solid preparation for students applying to graduate schools across the country.

Give voice to those who experience communication disorders.

The Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) major offers an exceptional variety of clinical experiences and opportunities to participate in research alongside faculty. Students establish a solid foundation, coupled with several years’ experience in the field, and join our graduates who are accepted to masters programs across the country. Our graduates see admission rates at over 85 percent, while nationally, less than a quarter of applications to graduate school are accepted.


“I was attracted by the scientific and psychological aspects of speech-pathology that allowed me to pursue those interests without quite the intensity of medical school. I wanted a career that offered a variety of ways to help others. Basically, it’s a career that is very adaptable to an individual’s interests and goals. And I’ve never met a speech-pathologist I didn’t like!” —SLHS graduate

student with child

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