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Fairbanks Center

Communication Sciences & Disorders

The ability to communicate is one of our greatest human gifts. This remarkable ability allows us to realize our human potential and to connect with other people. Problems with communication have a great impact on all aspects of life. The Communication Sciences & Disorders (CSD) Program at Butler prepares students to provide service to others who experience communication disorders. 

One of the best reasons to obtain the CSD degree at Butler is that our undergraduate students have many opportunities for experiential learning. Students provide treatment for speech and language disorders through the Butler University Speech-Language Clinic. Students provide speech, language, and hearing screening services to area preschools. Students have the opportunity to work with adults with aphasia in the Butler Aphasia Community. Students engage in research and teaching activities with faculty mentors, and work with other professionals in the Indianapolis community through internships.

The CSD Program gives students the strong academic and experiential background they need for success in graduate school. After Butler, students are prepared to choose graduate studies in speech-language pathology, audiology, or speech science. Our students have had outstanding success in gaining admission into prestigious and competitive graduate programs throughout the United States.

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