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Classics Program
Classics Program

Classics Major/minor

The Classical Studies Program offers two major tracks, with an option to complete either in 3 years, and a minor. Competence in Greek or Latin is required for the major tracks. Familiarity is recommended but not required for the minor. Through both major tracks and the minor, the program aims to develop in the student an appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of classical literature and a comprehension of the abiding principles of the Western heritage. The program is also interested in students who wish to relate Classics to work in wide array of other disciplines such as English, history, modern languages, philosophy, political science, or religion,

Students may receive credit toward the major tracks or the minor for courses in Latin or Greek taken before enrolling at Butler. A student who places at the 300 level and takes two 300 level courses with a grade of C or above will receive 9 credits. A student who places at the 200 level and takes two 200 level courses and two 300 level courses with a grade of C or above will receive 3 credits. Students who take the AP Latin test may also receive 3 credit hours for a 200 level course.

NOTE: Degree requirements for incoming students may not reflect the actual degree requirements of current students.

Ancient Languages Track—Requirements for the Major

A minimum of 33 hours combined of CL, GK, and/or LT, to include the following:

  • 24 hours of Latin or Greek courses
  • At least 6 hours in both languages
  • At least 6 hours of Greek OR Latin 300 level or above
  • 3 hours from either Roman Perspectives (TI200-CL) OR Ancient Greek Perspectives (TI201-CL)
  • 6 additional hours of 300 level or above from CLA, GK, or LT

Greek and Roman Culture Track—Requirements for the Major

A minimum of 30 hours combined of CL, GK, and/or LT, to include the following:

  • 6 hours of Latin or Greek courses
  • 6 hours from BOTH Roman Perspectives (TI200-CL) and Ancient Greek Perspectives (TI201-CL)
  • 6 additional hours of 300 level or above from CLA, GK, or LT
  • 3 hours from a department outside of Classics. This includes any from the approved list, or other with prior approval of Classics faculty (course must focus significant interest in the ancient world)
  • 9 elective hours from CLA, GK, or LT

Classics and History Combined Major

Total hours required: 45

Required Courses (15 credits)

  • Close Encounters (HST101 or AN101)
  • Theory and Methods (HST301)
  • Junior Seminar (HST302)
  • Roman Perspectives (TI 200-CLA)
  • Ancient Greek Perspectives (TI201-CLA)

Geographical Distribution (3 credits)

Any lower or upper division Classics, History, or Anthropology with a particular focus on Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, or World/Transnational History, such as Chinese Civilization (HST217). Other classes may be substituted with permission of the department chair.

Language (9 credits)

Upper-division Greek and Roman Culture from the following:

  • Minimum of 9 hours of Latin or Greek
  • Other ancient languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic, Phoenician, Sanskrit, etc. may be used here with approval from the program head
  • Drama on the Ancient Stage (CLA 303)
  • History of Ancient Philosophy (PL 311/CLA 304)
  • The Art & Architecture of Greece and Rome (CLA 322)
  • Women in Antiquity (CLA 323)
  • Law and Orator (CLA 324)
  • Sex, Gender, Love, and Friendship in the Classical World (HST 310)
  • Ancient and Medieval Political Thought (PO 381)
  • Paul and the Early Church (RL 308)

History or Classics Electives (9 credits), such as these recommended courses:

  • Survey of Art History 1 (ART 105)
  • Etymology (CLA 261)
  • Mad Women: Film, Fiction, and History (TI 231-HST)
  • Greek Art & Myth (PCA 262)
  • Museum Studies (AN 347)
  • Archive Fever (HST 404)
  • Ancient language courses beyond the required 9 hours

Requirements for the Minor

A minimum of 18 hours combined of CL, GK, and/or LT. A minimum of two 300-level courses all together. Note: It is recommended that students learn either Greek or Latin, at least at the beginning level. If they continue with two courses at the 200-level or above, these courses will count both towards their minor and towards fulfilling the foreign language requirement for a liberal arts degree.

For course descriptions, visit the online Class Search.

Latin and Greek Placement Exams

Our program recognizes the quality of work many students have done before arriving on our campus. Students placing into the second or third year of Latin or Greek and completing at least 6 hours of study in the language at the upper level are eligible for 3–9 advanced placement credit hours toward the major or the minor. 

Incoming first year and transfer students have access to the Latin placement exam through the my.butler placement exam portal. Returning students can request an exam be set up for them. For Greek placement, please contact the Department Chair of Philosophy, Religion, and Classics.

Within 24 hours of completing the exam, your placement results will appear:

my.butler > Self Service > Student Center > Placement Test Results (beneath the "Academics" blue header)

Butler's Center for Academic Success and Exploration provides extensive placement exam information

Core Courses Offered by Classical Studies

  • TI200-CLA, Roman Perspectives (U)(3), counts also for major/minor credit
  • TI201-CLA, Ancient Greek Perspectives (U)(3), counts also for major/minor credit
  • PCA262-CLA, Greek Art & Myth (U)(3), counts also for major/minor credit

Foreign Language Courses

  • LT101, Elementary Latin I, (U)(3)
  • LT102, Elementary Latin II (U)(3)
  • LT203, Intermediate Latin I (U)(3)
  • LT204, Intermediate Latin II (U)(3)
  • LT301, Advanced Latin (U)(3)
  • LT317, Latin Prose Composition (U)(3)
  • LT360, Topics in Latin (U)(3)
  • LT400, 401, 402, Independent Study (U/G)(1, 2, 3)
  • LT499, Honors Thesis: Thesis Research (U)(3)
  • GK101, Elementary Greek I (U)(3)
  • GK102, Elementary Greek II (U)(3)
  • GK203, Intermediate Ancient Greek (U)(3)
  • GK204, Intermediate Greek (U)(3)
  • GK301, Advanced Ancient Greek (U)(3)
  • GK360, Topics in Ancient Greek (U)(3)
  • GK400, 401, 402, Independent Study (U)(1,2,3)
  • GK499, Honors Thesis: Thesis Research (U)(3)

Classics Courses

  • CLA261, Etymology (U)(3)
  • CLA300, Study Tour of Greece (U)(6)
  • CLA301, Epic Poetry (U)(3)
  • CLA302, Lyric Poetry/Love Poetry (U)(3)
  • CLA303, Drama on the Ancient Stage (U)(3)
  • CLA304, History of Ancient Philosophy (U)(3)
  • CLA322, Greek and Roman Art & Architecture (U)(3)
  • CLA323, Women in Antiquity (U)(3)
  • CLA324, Law and Orator: A Study of Ancient Law Through Legal Speeches (U)(3)
  • CLA360, Topics in Classics (U)(3). Past topics have included Ancient Law and Archaeology of the Mediterranean
  • CLA400, 401, 402, Independent Study (U)(1,2,3)
  • CLA499, Honors Thesis (U)(3)

Courses Offered Through Other Departments

  • HST310, Sex, Gender, Love and Friendship in the Classical World (U)(3)
  • PL311, History of Ancient Philosophy (U)(3)
  • PO381, Ancient and Medieval Political Thought (U)(3)
  • RL308, Paul and the Early Church (U)(3)

Current students should consult their own academic advisement report in to see their individual requirements and progress toward degree completion.