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Center for Citizenship and Community
Center for Citizenship and Community

Upcoming Events, History, and Goals

Indiana Immigration Simulation

Thursday, February 8th
4:00-6:00 p.m., ResCo Dining Hall

Experience what it's like to arrive as an immigrant in Indiana.  The simulation will be followed by a discussion led by Cindy Gil, Director of Latino Affairs with the Office of Community Engagtement at IUPUI.   Faculty, staff and students are welcome to attend!    BCR credit eligible!

So that we can best be prepared, please RSVP to

CCC History



In 1996, Margaret Brabant founded the Center for Citizenship and Community (CCC). Believing informed and active citizens have the knowledge to manage the political, social, and economic factors affecting their neighborhoods and lives, she envisioned a center on campus that would span departments, colleges, and community in order to foster practices associated with citizenship. At the heart of the CCC’s work is the aim of encouraging civic mindedness and citizenship for all involved.

The CCC has partnered with diverse local organizations wherein Butler students have provided leadership for, and learned from, programs that range from dance instruction to recording oral histories, mentoring and tutoring, companionship for elders, and work with refugee families.

Today, the CCC guides, develops and manages service-learning courses, fosters civic mindedness through inter-college programming, serves as an incubator for civic engagement initiatives, and coordinates Butler's Indianapolis Community Requirement (ICR).

We believe that education can help shape society for the better. We aim to change student’s perspectives on their lifetime and career by involving them with people and institutions who dedicate their time to positive change.