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Jordan Hall
Core Curriculum

Butler Cultural Requirement

“Eight Before You Graduate”


Butler University has a rich set of cultural activities in the form of artistic performances, seminars and public lectures that collectively comprise one of our most remarkable educational resources. The aim of the Butler Cultural Requirement is to engage students in these most valuable and exciting learning opportunities, and to encourage students to develop habits of participation in artistic and cultural events that will lead to lifelong engagement with the creative arts and public intellectual life.  

For a list of approved events, please check the BCR calendar. The BCR calendar is updated throughout the semester. Please check back regularly for new events.  

Requirement Structure

All Butler students must attend eight or more BCR events as part of their graduation requirements. Transfer students must complete at least one BCR credit for each semester enrolled at Butler University.


Receiving BCR Credit


During the fall 2020 semester, Butler University pilots a new system for collecting BCR event attendance information. Designed to improve the student experience, the new process provides students with real-time attendance confirmations managed, in part, by Engage, already in use by many student organizations on campus.

When attending a BCR event, students must either scan a QR code or retrieve a tinyURL which automatically captures their attendance. QR codes/URLs are unique, event-specific and timed. Only students attending a specific event may claim credit, and students must attend the entire event to receive credit. 

In past semesters, students would “scan in” and also “scan out” to receive BCR credit. Now, the QR code or tinyURL will be made available during the event – at the beginning, middle or end. 

As a pilot program, event hosts will have a back-up plan for recording attendance should there be an identified issue with the system. Since the system will provide real-time attendance confirmation, we appreciate students providing feedback by alerting the event host AND contacting the Core Curriculum office at, so we may refine the process.

Note: There are no alternative make-up options for those missing BCRs preventing graduation. 

BCR I'm Here

Disability-Related Accommodations for Events

For accessibility information or to request disability-related accommodations, please visit

Event coordinators need to contact Student Disability Services at 317-940-9308 or in Jordan Hall 136 to discuss all accommodation requests and accessibility questions in order to help ensure they are properly addressed.

For more information, see BCR FAQs.

How do I register my attendance?

  • For in-person events, you need a personal smart device to register attendance. Look for a posted QR code. Scan the QR code, sign-in using your Butler Credentials, and your attendance is automatically captured.
  • For livestreamed events, watch for a posted TinyURL on a slide or in a chat. This may appear either at the beginning, middle or end of the event. Go to the link, sign-in using your Butler Credentials, and your attendance is automatically captured. In some instances, students may already be signed into the system and are automatically registered. Look for a small blue confirmation bar at the bottom of the screen.

Earn BCR Credits

For more information, see BCR FAQs.