Carillon Society

Through the Carillon Society, Butler recognizes and honors those partners who have helped ensure a bright, strong future for the University through cumulative giving of $100,000 or more. This society expands upon the historic Cornerstone Society with new recognition levels, allowing us to honor donors who have placed Butler among their top giving priorities and have invested significantly in the success of the University since its founding in 1855.

Donors of Butler University with cumulative lifetime giving total* of $100,000 or more will be invited to join this community of philanthropists and visionaries. Carillon Society honorees enjoy exclusive opportunities to network with each other and with University leadership, faculty, and students. These distinguished partners will help shape Butler’s future, receiving advanced notice and inside information about the University’s plans for the future and the opportunity to provide their input and counsel. It is our honor to work with Carillon Society honorees to move Butler forward, together.

Recognition Levels
Recognition LevelCumulative Lifetime Giving
Torchbearer Level$5 M +
Keystone Level$1 M – $4.99 M
1855 Level$100 K – $999.99 K

*Recognition in the Carillon Society is based upon gifts received, excluding commitments. 

The Cornerstone Plaza will continue to recognize benefactors whose cumulative lifetime giving to Butler has reached $1 million, excluding commitments.

For more information, please contact the Donor Relations team.