“I am very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to attend Butler, but I’m completely self-supported financially. Scholarships made the amazing experience I’ve had at Butler possible. the help I have received will never to forgotten. My future is a reality because of donors like you.” —Catrina Cranfill ’15, Marketing major

Invest in a Bulldog Through Philanthropic Scholarship Support

At Butler University, providing an exceptional student-centered learning experience is at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about the transformative impact we make in students’ lives and are driven to make this experience available to all who seek it. That is why we annually invest more than $74 million in unfunded scholarships to make a Butler education affordable for our students and their families. In keeping with Ovid Butler’s founding vision, we are committed to ensuring that a Butler education remains accessible to every deserving student, regardless of financial circumstance. But to make this vision sustainable, we need your help.

Because many of our students are only able to consider Butler as a viable option with the help of Butler-funded academic and need-based scholarships, Butler offers the best possible financial aid package up front. Unfortunately, the ever-growing total of scholarship funding required to meet our students’ needs is not sustainable. In fact, in 2018-19 Butler provided nearly $78 million in scholarships to our students, with 96% of students receiving some form of financial aid. Of that total, only $3.1 million was funded by our endowment or annual philanthropic support. Closing this nearly $75 million gap in student scholarship support is essential to making Butler’s personalized educational experience a reality for aspiring Bulldogs. It is for this reason that we look to generous donors like you to help sustain the financial commitment Butler University has made to student scholarship support.

Our goal is to double the amount of donor-funded scholarship support provided to Butler students each year. Increased donor-funded scholarships are vital to offset unfunded scholarships already committed by Butler to our students. Will you invest in a Bulldog through philanthropic scholarship support?

Three Ways to Invest in a Bulldog

Annual Scholarships

Give to the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship or name an annual scholarship through a minimum gift of $2,500/year for four years. Annual scholarships can be directed to a student studying in a particular College or a student-athlete.

Endowed Scholarships

Endow a named scholarship that will exist in perpetuity at Butler, benefitting untold numbers of future Bulldogs. Endowed scholarships can be established through a gift of at least $50,000, payable over five years.

Legacy Scholarship

Endow a named scholarship through a planned gift. Help ensure that a Butler education remains within reach for future generations of students by establishing a named scholarship through your estate plan.