Giving Priorities

Butler University Mission Statement:

Butler University, founded on ideals of equity and academic excellence, creates and fosters a collaborative, stimulating intellectual learning environment. We are inspired to boldly innovate and broadly educate, enriching communities and preparing all learners to lead meaningful lives.

As we aim to fulfill this mission to “boldly innovate” and “broadly educate,” we are seeking philanthropic support for three key strategic objectives:

Creating access for all learners: Butler University is committed to removing barriers and exploring new educational models so that learners of all ages and backgrounds have access to an excellent Butler education leading to lifelong success.

Providing an excellent student experience: Butler University provides an excellent student experience through relevant and high-quality academic offerings, teaching and mentorship from top-tier faculty, and robust athletics, arts, and cultural programs. Butler is committed to holistic student well-being.

Enriching communities: Butler University contributes to the vitality of our community through accessible arts, athletics, and educational offerings that elevate the region and contribute to Indiana’s workforce and economic development goals. We prepare learners to lead meaningful lives wherever they go after graduation, enriching communities far beyond Indianapolis.

With these objectives in mind, the areas listed below represent our current top giving priorities.