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Office of Admission

Transfer Admission

Finish Strong.

Your education is important, and Butler University might be the right place for you to finish your degree–even if you didn't start it here. 

How will you know if Butler is the right fit? There’s a phrase you’ll hear often around our campus: The Butler Way. It means we’re committed, we deny selfishness, we accept reality, and we seek improvement every day. These values resonate with a certain type of student—those who are more than just studious, but passionate about learning and life. They approach new challenges with enthusiasm, because they know they can achieve anything they set their minds to. And they don’t take the easy road because for them, the journey is the fun part.

Special note regarding transfer admission and the COVID-19 pandemic:

Butler University is taking special care in individually reviewing transcripts to ensure transfer students are not penalized by their inability to earn letter grades for academic classes during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Transfer students who completed coursework at another college or university for the Spring 2020 and/or Summer 2020 semester should know that Butler will accept transfer credit for coursework that was taken Pass/No Pass or Credit/No Credit for those two terms only, due to COVID-19.  We will require letter grades of C- or higher for coursework completed prior to Spring 2020 and after Summer 2020 for transfer credit consideration.  Questions regarding the transfer credit policy can be sent to