Transfer Course Equivalencies

Butler University has pre-approved many courses from other colleges and universities that are transferable to Butler for credit. The list of institutions/courses is not comprehensive, and serves only as a list of courses previously evaluated by the Butler University registrar. Courses not listed still have the potential to transfer for Butler University credit. If you don’t see your institution listed or if a course you’re interested in doesn’t appear on a course equivalency sheet, please contact the Butler Office of Registration and Records at

Courses that are completed at a regionally accredited institution, are 100 level or higher, and in which you’ve earned a C- or better will be eligible for transfer credit evaluation. Transfer credits may be applied toward the Butler Core Curriculum, toward the major, and/or toward electives.

For information regarding our transfer credit policy for coursework completed during the COVID-19 pandemic (spring 2020 and summer 2020), please contact

Disclaimer: Course equivalencies provided through this website are unofficial and are intended solely as a guide for prospective transfer students. These equivalencies are NOT applicable for current Butler students. Current Butler students wishing to transfer credit into Butler should follow the process outlined at Butler University reserves the right to make changes to any course equivalency at any time without notice due to curriculum changes at Butler University or the transferring institution.

Transfer Institutions