Explore Your Options in the Sciences

Congratulations on your admission to Butler University! We’re here to help you understand what options you have in the sciences and navigate any questions you may have regarding Exploratory Natural Sciences. Whether you start with this program to expose yourself to a variety of majors, or identify the right major for you now, we’ll set you up for success as you embark on your journey here at Butler. 

What is Exploratory Natural Sciences?

The Exploratory Natural Sciences program is designed for students who are interested in exploring a variety of Natural Sciences majors in order to help identify the best fit. Students will take intro-level courses in the sciences as well as LC 103 Exploratory Sciences. This program will help you develop new skills and learn about various career paths before committing to one specific major. 

What are other similar majors?

 If you want to declare a major, you can do that before coming to campus. Majors related to the natural sciences are listed below. Check them out and see if one that you haven’t considered yet might just be a great fit for you!