Admission Privacy Policy

The Butler University Office of Admission is committed to safeguarding the privacy of individuals who demonstrate interest prior to and/or when they apply for admission to the University. This Privacy Policy outlines the University’s collection, use, and disclosure of information provided by prospective students and applicants. When you submit your application to us, or otherwise provide us with information in your application for admission, use our websites and other services, or submit a form for inquiry or to attend an event, you consent to our collection, use, and disclosure of that information as described in this Privacy Notice.

Information Collected by Admission

As a prospective student demonstrating interest prior to and/or as a part of the application process, the University may collect Sensitive Information from you.  For purposes of this Privacy Notice, “Sensitive Information” is defined as your voluntary response through a form of inquiry, third party, or in the application for admission to questions concerning your race, ethnic origin, and history of criminal conviction. Sensitive Information also includes religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health data, or sexual orientation that may be volunteered by you in your personal essay submitted with your application for admission.

As a prospective student demonstrating interest prior to or as a part of the application process, the University also collects general information from you such as your name, address, phone number, and education. For purposes of this Privacy Notice, “Information” refers to all information that you have provided to Admission.

University Use of Information

Butler’s Office of Admission will use Information that you provide to us and Information we collect about you to administer your application. In addition, we may use your information to analyze and improve our admissions process, for outreach efforts, and for other University processes and functions related to your admission as a student. We also might de-identify your Sensitive Information to use for research or statistical purposes. If you are accepted for admission to the University, we will use and share your Information and Sensitive Information internally with other University offices and units as necessary and appropriate to support your success as a student, to deliver education, advising, residence, athletic, student development, financial aid, to communicate the University’s activities, and for fundraising.

Online Payments

We may collect credit card information from you for your enrollment deposit. A reputable third-party financial institution handles our debit and credit card transactions.

Whenever you transmit debit/credit card information through our site, the numbers and letters are scrambled using encryption technology to protect the information from being stolen or intercepted. To protect your security, we do not allow you to store your credit card number from session to session.

Privacy Notice for Butler University

The University’s GDPR Privacy Notice is available here.

Last updated 5/22/2018.