Research Compliance & Integrity

Butler University has agreements with and receives funding from a number of governmental and not-for-profit agencies that fund research. These legally binding agreements or grants require that all research conducted on campus, regardless of funding source, be conducted in accordance with regulations. This process protects research participants, researchers, students, research resources and Butler’s research environment.

Office of Sponsored Programs represents the Butler community’s commitment to responsible research.

Research Integrity

Butler University promotes the responsible conduct of research through high standards of ethics and accountability in planning, conducting and reporting research. The responsible conduct of research is demonstrated through behavior that meets generally accepted standards. These standards are set forth by state and federal regulations, institutional policies, professional codes of conduct and personal convictions. The building blocks of responsible conduct of research include:

  • Honesty—conveying information truthfully and honoring commitments;
  • Accuracy—reporting findings precisely and taking care to avoid errors;
  • Efficiency—using resources wisely and avoiding waste; and
  • Objectivity—letting the facts speak for themselves and avoiding improper bias