Butler University Surveys

OIRA designs surveys for senior administration to uncover key insights for strategic decision-making and refines surveys created by others across campus to enhance the information discovery process. We also coordinate the administration of University surveys to avoid sampling fatigue, thus ensuring quality data. Finally, we distribute research results as appropriate, through reports, presentations, and/or community discussions; a selection of student surveys can be found below.

Full List of Internal & External Surveys

View a full list of surveys managed by OIRA.

Alumni Survey

OIRA periodically surveys Butler alumni to gain perspective on their post-Butler outcomes, including employment and graduate school attendance, alumni’s perceptions of the University, and on the “Butler impact” (a measure of academic skills, professional life, and personal growth).

CIRP First-Year Survey

Butler periodically participates in the CIRP First-Year Survey to gain perspective on incoming students’ backgrounds, including high school experiences, personal values and beliefs, and their expectations for college.

NSSE Survey

NSSE is a measure of student engagement, which provides insight into student learning and personal development.

How Bulldogs Spend Time at Butler
How Bulldogs Spend Time at Butler
What Bulldogs Are Saying About Butler wordcloud
What Bulldogs Are Saying About Butler