Teaching Observation Program

Observing another colleague’s teaching can help to foster conversations about pedagogy, student learning, and classroom dynamics—and also is a great way to learn about another discipline.

Here is how the Teaching Observation Program works:

Approximately two–three faculty—from different departments or programs and across colleges—commit to:

  • A conversation with each other before observing each other’s class/es about particular areas of focus, such as strategies to engage students during the class period or working through challenging material.
  • A visit to each other’s class/es at least once during the semester.
  • A conversation after each visit to talk about observations.

For your pre- and post-classroom visit conversations, the Faculty Development Program is happy to help cover hospitality (coffee, on-campus meals)—please contact facultydevelopment@butler.edu for details.

If you have questions about the Teaching Observation Program, please email facultydevelopment@butler.edu.