Faculty Development FAQ

Cholewa and Felice conversingThe Faculty Development program seeks to: 

  • Foster community among faculty across the university 
  • Provide platforms for faculty to share their expertise as researchers, teachers, and mentors with one another in order to enrich Butler’s academic environment 
  • Offer opportunities for faculty to enhance their teaching practices 
  • Support new faculty in their transition to faculty life
    Recognize the excellent work that faculty do to strengthen Butler University 

The faculty development program supports faculty in achieving their own potential as teachers, scholars, researchers, and creative artists, and supports a faculty member’s development as a thoughtful participant in the Butler community. 

It depends on what you are looking for. Some colleges have a process in place. Check with your college dean’s office first.  

The Office of Sponsored Program offers limited funds for Short Course/Workshop Grants. You are also welcome to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs with faculty development leadership. Email facultydevelopment@butler.edu.

The Faculty Development Advisory Committee consists of representatives from each college and the libraries. Its aim is to promote overall faculty excellence, morale, and collegiality by developing programs to support high quality service and leadership across the university’s integrated missions of teaching, research, scholarship, and creative activities. 
The committee also reviews proposals for Faculty Food for Thought & Brown Bag Series, Celebration of Innovations in Teaching and Learning, as well as nominations for Outstanding Professors of the Year and Distinguished Faculty Awards. Current members are listed here. 

Yes! Please send suggestions to Chris Bungard at cbundard@butler.edu 

Dean’s assistants are adding new faculty member hire contacts into a Provost Office sheet beginning in April for a Fall start date. This is the list we are using for NFO invitations and general communications. If you have a late hire (after July 15), please email facultydevelopment@butler.edu to make sure they are not missed as communications start as early as mid/late May. 

We would like to welcome new faculty members any time of the year. If you have a new-to-Butler faculty member starting outside of an August start date, please enter their information into the Provost Office sheet, and alert facultydevelopment@butler.edu. We will make sure they are included on upcoming newsletters and receive a welcome email with orientation information before classes start in January. They will also receive an invitation to the next New Faculty Orientation the following August. 

Visit the Faculty Development website for more information about programs and opportunities.