Academic Partnerships (formerly Center for Academic Technology) FAQ

Academic Partnerships (formerly the Center for Academic Technology) promotes teaching and learning through the effective use of academic technology by working with faculty and academic staff to promote thoughtful and effective use of academic technology. 

Our staff consist of Technical Training and Instructional Technology professionals that provide support for creating accessible course materials and provide guidance, training, and feedback for Butler’s academic technology such as Canvas, Panopto, WordPress, Zoom, Google Apps, and Poll Everywhere.

Academic Partnerships also manage the the Digital  Transformation Ambassador student employee program. These exceptional students support two teams within DPS: the Partnership Pathways team and the Digital Learning Operations team. Both teams are working to advance the online and digital learning opportunities offered by Butler University. Partnership Pathways seeks to identify new program opportunities by collaborating with academic faculty and industry partners and seeks to support faculty in their innovative use of classroom technology. Once new programs are identified, the Digital Learning Team works with faculty to design, build, launch, and evaluate the courses within the programs.

Academic Partnership (formerly CAT) may be confused for the IT Help Desk and vice versa. This is understandable as we have some overlap in the support we provide. However, there are some key differences. Visit our Partners web page to learn how we differ from IT.  

Our staff are available for consultation virtually and in person. Send an email to to submit a consultation request.

Academic Partnerships offer consultation on a myriad of topics such as ensuring content accessibility, setting up your Canvas course site, using technology effectively, creating videos for instruction, and more. 

While Academic Partnerships does not have equipment for  checkout, the library does! They have  a variety of iPads, video cameras, microphones, and more,  available for checkout to faculty. View the Library’s list of available equipment for checkout.

Access the Lending Library

Submit a workshop request via an email to

Please note that we ask for at least a two-week advance notice for workshop requests.

Butler offers an online training called Pivot Pedagogy for instructors slated to teach online for the first time at Butler.

Contact your Dean or Associate Dean to see if you are eligible to enroll.  If so, have your Dean or Associate Dean submit your name and completion target date (typically end of the term before the term slated to teach online) to