Physical Spaces

The Academic Partnership team supports the Lightboard space used for teaching and learning. After an initial training, faculty can use this space to create asynchronous content like board work videos, visual lectures, demonstrations, podcasts, and more. Additionally, faculty can partner with Academic Partnerships to create student projects using these spaces; for example, some COE faculty have encourged their student teachers to produce video content using the Lightboard.

PLEASE NOTE: The Lightboard is currently not available for booking due to technology upgrades happening in the space. We hope to reopen the space soon.


About the Lightboard Studio

INNOVATION and ENGAGEMENT motivated a team of BU faculty and staff to develop a Lightboard Studio at Butler. Utilizing the funds awarded from the Innovation Grant, the Lightboard Studio was installed in the basement of Irwin Library.

This innovative technology offers a way to create videos that complement online or hybrid learning models as well as the “flipped” classroom model. It consists of a glass surface that works like a white board that is positioned between the instructor and the camera.

This setup allows the instructor to face the camera while also writing on the transparent surface. Instructors can then illustrate complex concepts, formulas, diagrams or processes. It’s also possible to incorporate PowerPoint slides and other graphics into Lightboard videos for annotation (download the PowerPoint Lightboard template for your college). This form of content presentation allows students the opportunity to review information in support of learning.

For more information, contact Academic Partnerships.

Butler Faculty Examples

Chemistry Instructor Adam Azman

Best Practices

Kim Beck shares her experiences after implementing Lightboard recordings into her class.

Student Outcomes

Kim Beck shares student outcomes from using the Lightboard compared to web videos and screen captures.