About CAT


The Center for Academic Technology (CAT) promotes teaching and learning through the effective use of academic technology and learning design. In particular, we support student learning by working with faculty and academic staff to promote thoughtful and effective use of academic technology and instructional approaches. CAT is housed on the third floor of Irwin Library and is a division of Academic Affairs.

2021-2022 Strategic Vision

For the 2021-2022 academic year, CAT has developed a strategic vision that aligns with the Butler Beyond Strategic Direction. The vision document outlines several key initiatives that: 1) focus on excellent learning experiences for our students, 2) capitalize on partnerships, and  3) promotes DEI. Select the image below to access a pdf version of the Vision document.

Small image of strategic vision

Access PDF version online.

Core Values

We believe that striving for inclusivity and embracing diversity in our work will foster excellent learning experiences for all. Therefore, we:

  • ADVOCATE for equitable access to and design of learning resources
  • MODEL inclusive practices in our work
  • SUPPORT learners from underrepresented/marginalized backgrounds and identities through adoption of equitable tools and processes
  • HOLD ourselves and vendors to standards that ensure privacy and accessibility

We strive to strike a balance between time-tested strategies and innovative practice. Therefore, we:

  • STEWARD pedagogical and professional resources for faculty and staff exploration.
  • ENGAGE in consultations supporting instructional practice and technology usage.
  • SUPPORT the pursuit of innovative practices through funding and other initiatives.

We value collaborative and sustainable partnerships with individuals and groups throughout the Butler community. Therefore, we:

  • INVITE fellow faculty and staff members to co-facilitate instructional sessions, faculty learning communities, and reading circles.
  • COLLABORATE with Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA), and the Faculty Development (FD) program as part of the “Collective” to support faculty excellence and engaging learning experiences.
  • PARTNER with faculty to provide classroom instruction.