Application Dates

Most professional programs use rolling application, which means application reviews start as soon as they are received, with interviews and acceptances being given roughly monthly.  Therefore, the greatest number of available seats and best chance at acceptance occurs at the beginning of application cycle, as this “first come, first serve” process tends to favor earlier applications.  It is important to time your application to land as close to the first day in the cycle as possible.

The first day to start building application can be anywhere from May to July depending upon profession, and the first day applications can be transmitted to schools can be anywhere from July to August depending upon profession.  Before transmission of the application by the central application services (CAS), all portions need to be complete and verified.  The one exception for this may be letters of recommendation, but schools may not evaluate an application without these.  The last day to apply is typically determined by schools themselves.

Type of programApplication DatesCAS
Medicine (MD)Opens ~early May

Submit ~early June
Medicine (DO)Opens ~early May

Submit ~mid June
DentistryOpens ~early May

Submit ~early June
OptometryOpens ~late June

Submit ~late July
PodiatryOpens ~early July

Submit ~early August
Physician AssistantOpens ~late April

Submit ~late May
Physical TherapyOpens ~mid June

Submit ~early July
Occupational TherapyOpens ~late July

Submit ~mid August
Veterinary MedicineOpens ~late January

Submit ~mid May
Texas Public Schools (Med, Dent, Podiatry, Vet)Opens ~early May

Submit ~mid May