Acceptance Rates

Butler University prides itself with not only providing an exceptional education to its students, but also in adequately preparing them for professional school.  The main goal of Pre-Health Advising on Butler’s campus is to make each student as strong of an applicant as possible and to help them reach the potential we see inside of each and every student.  We do not believe in restricting access to advisors or pre-health events to a “select group”, nor do we have any GPA requirements in order to use our services.  We believe all students are deserving of our attention and guidance, and any Butler student with a pre-health interest is worth our time and investment.  And pre-health advising does not stop at graduation; we offer our advice, services, and expertise beyond graduation – alumni that wish to apply to professional school are encouraged to get in contact with the Pre-Health Advising Team!

Calculations for acceptance rates into professional schools are based on the following: all students that will earn a degree from Butler University as well as all graduates who applied during the multi-year period using the common application service (such as AMCAS for allopathic medical school or CASPA for physician assistant school) were tracked. Each student was scored as “accepted” or “not accepted.” To qualify as “accepted,” a student had to receive at least one offer of admission from a certified professional school, even if it took more than one admission cycle to receive that offer.  We do not exclude students from this data nor do we have any stipulation of “qualified applicants” – these are the true acceptance rates of Butler students admitted into various professional schools.

Dental School
Medical School
Optometry School
Physical Therapy School
Physician Assistant
Podiatry School
Veterinary School

Data calculated from:

  • Dental School: 2018 – 2024, avg. # of applicants each year = 9
  • Medical School: 2017 – 2024, avg. # of applicants each year = 35
  • Occupational Therapy School: no data, avg. # of applicants each year = 3
  • Optometry School: 2015 – 2022, avg. # of applicants each year = 2
  • Physical Therapy School: 2018 – 2022, avg. # of applicants each year = 8
  • Physician Assistant School: 2021 – 2024, avg. # of applicants each year = 53
  • Podiatry School: 2022 – 2024, avg. # of applicants each year = 1
  • Veterinary School: 2021 – 2023, avg. # of applicants each year = 3