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Butler Blue IV photo
Butler Blue


From healthcare, to food, transportation and swag, the Butler Blue family of sponsors keep Trip atop the ranks of pampered pooches. However, there is always an opportunity for more.

If you would like to inquire about Butler Blue sponsorship opportunities, contact Michael Kaltenmark at 317-940-9672 or

Bark Tutor

Butler Bulldogs aren't born, they're made. Our mascots need the proper training just like our students and Bark Tutor is the official school for dogs of Butler Blue the III. You can reach them at their website

Blue Indy

Butler's campus now plays host to 4 Blue Indy Stations. Blue Indy offers students with alternative transportation through their rentable cars. Sign up is easy and can be done on their website. 

Built Ford Tough

The Blue Mobile provided by Don Hinds Ford is unmistakably Built Ford Tough. Fitting for the country’s toughest bulldogs to ride in a vehicle with equal muscle and durability.

In addition to transportation needs, Built Ford Tough Trucks provide support for Butler’s annual Bulldog Beauty Contest and the Big Dawgs Tour.

Test drive a Built Ford Tough Truck today!

Butler Athletics

Check out the Butler Athletics website

Butler Bookstore

It is only on a rare occasion that you’ll see Trip without a clean, Butler-branded leash and collar. He has the Follett Corporation, and the Butler Bookstore, to thank for such good-looking items.

Store manager Janine Frainier keeps Trip looking great and further connects the dog to his adoring Butler fans through the creation of Butler Blue merchandise, which includes replica stuffed animals, t-shirts and other apparel sold in the bookstore and spirit shop.

City Dogs Grocery

With her store just a few blocks away from the Butler campus, proprietor Susan Smith saw an opportunity to not just position her neighborhood pet store as a university sponsor, but as a true partner as well.

Smith and City Dogs Grocery were quick to provide Blue II with a discounted rate on dog food, but Smith also took it upon herself to go to bat on the mascot’s behalf with food manufacturers.  It was Eagle Pack Pet Food that responded to Smith’s request to provide me with nourishment and even after being acquired by WellPet, the support continued even stronger via the Holistic Select brand.

City Dogs Grocery now enjoys two locations in Indianapolis (54th & College and on Mass Ave.) and remains the supplier of Holistic Select dog food for Trip. City Dogs Grocery also supplies Holistic Select for Butler University Police Department, K9 officer, Marcus, and is an annual sponsor of the Butler Bulldog Beauty Contest and Bulldog Jog & Dog Walk.

Don Hinds Ford

Don Hinds Ford proprietors, Bud and Karen ’70 Colglazier have generously and loyally supported Butler University and Butler Athletics for many years.  So it came as no surprise they did not pass up an opportunity to match their livelihood (automobile sales) with their passion (Butler) to benefit a soft spot in their hearts (animals). The result, a Butler-branded 2010 Ford XLT Transit Connect affectionately dubbed, “The Blue Mobile.” Then in 2014 in order to stay up with current auto trends a new Blue Mobile was commissioned as a 2014 Ford Transit Connect.

Talk about mobile marketing at it’s finest! Now Trip rides in style!

When not parked in its reserved parking space on campus, the Blue Mobile can be seen throughout the metro area as Trip travels to various appearances and engagements.

Fountain Square and Mass Ave Animal Clinics

Living a bulldog’s life isn’t easy. Prone to health issues, it’s not uncommon for the breed to be a frequent visitor to the veterinarian’s office. In fact, English Bulldog’s have been dubbed, “a veterinarian’s dream.”

Frequent visits to the vet’s office suggests that a good relationship with the doctor and staff is critical. Such is the case at Fountain Square and Mass Ave Animal Clinics. 

Dr. Kurt Phillips ’92 has donated his care and services to Butler University. Dr. Phillips has cared for Butler Blue I, II, III and even Marcus, the Butler University Police Department K9 officer.

Dr. Phillips is well versed in the English Bulldog breed with over 300 bulldog patients from all over the State of Indiana.

And while Dr. Phillips is good with the bulldog he is great with all other breeds, cats and the like, as well.

Good Dog Hotel and Spa

Knowing that the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four was to be Blue II’s biggest appearance, it was Indy’s Good Dog Hotel and Spa that came calling to offer a full grooming service in preparation for the big game. The grooming appointment turned the Broad Ripple location into a bulldog party as several of Blue’s four-legged friends stopped in to say hello and wish the Butler Bulldogs well. The event even attracted several news outlets in town!

Ever since, Blue II and now Blue III have remained well-groomed and free to come-and-go as they please at Good Dog Hotel and Spa thanks to their convenient self dog wash offerings.

Holistic Select

Trip loves Holistic Select! And that’s not only because he gets the food for free at City Dogs Grocery. The all-natural, organic dog food boasts great taste, healthy nutrients, fresh ingredients and Indiana roots. Not to mention, the health benefits Holistic Select saved Blue II from a life of itching and agony.

It’s true, before Holistic Select, Blue II was plagued by seasonal allergies. Inflamed paws and a hive-riddled fur coat caused skin-curling affects that only medicines could only mask. It was Holistic Select’s gentle seafood blend that took the symptoms away. The salmon, anchovy and sardine blend is packed with the fish oils need to protect my coat and make for easy digestion. Once started on Holistic Select, Blue II did not experience nary an allergic reaction.

Now Blue III enjoys Holistic Select, and now receives the brand’s new grain-free line.

Even if the seafood blend, or grain-free isn’t your dog’s preference, Holistic Select makes several other blends, flavors and products. Check them out today!


In the fall of 2016 Butler Blue III was sidelined by a partial ACL tear on his right hind leg. A part of his recovery was a regiment of medications. Thanks to Butler MBA Grad, Rob Puma's company Medi-Crunch, taking medicine got so much sweeter. Now fully healed, Trip enjoys Medi-Crunch as an everyday treat.



Since 2008, Butler Athletics has partnered with Nike to officially, and exclusively, equip Bulldog student-athletes with footwear, apparel and equipment. Actually, that sentence should read, “Butler student-athletes and now two actual bulldogs,” with apparel and equipment.

“America’s Dog,” has the backing of one of the world’s most recognizable brands as Nike supplies the material for the signature Butler blue, block “B” jersey.

Once receiving material from Nike, it is actually the local Indianapolis office of the Tom James Company that takes on the delicate and sophisticated task of hand-crafting and custom-tailoring the durable Nike material into a perfect fit for Blue II and III.

The original Butler Blue Nike jersey was hand-crafted for Blue II and now hangs in Scotty's Dawghouse as it was worn for two NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Fours and countless other appearances and events.

Square Cat Vinyl

Dr. Kurt Phillips ’92,  owner of both Fountain Square and Mass Ave Animal Clinics has now taken a new venture in music. Square Cat Vinyl in Fountain Square is Indy's new stop for all your vinyl needs. They also offer food, drinks, and live music.  


Visit Indy

Butler University is located right outside the heart of Downtown Indianapolis. Visit Indy is your source for things to do, places to eat, and where to stay. 


WellPet is the parent company of Butler Blue’s food provider, Holistic Select, which is included in a portfolio of four brands for the family business legacy that boasts over 100 years in combined experience of making the finest quality, natural pet food.

However, it is perhaps the company name that says it all as Blue III is a great representation of a “well pet” thanks to the company’s great products and support. The fine folks at WellPet and Holistic Select support Blue II and III with more than just food by doing many behind-the-scenes things for their overall success and well-being.

Butler is very proud to be a part of the WellPet family as both recipients of and representatives for their Holistic Select brand.