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Butler Blue IV Photo
Butler Blue

Contact & Appearances

While quick e-mail and phone information is provided, specific Butler Blue related requests and inquiry information with forms are available below.

Whether you need an autographed photo, have a media request, or are entertaining the idea of a new spokesdog, we look forward to hearing from you.

Appearance Requests

Not just a “Big Dawg on Campus,” Blue is also “A Dawg About Town.” In fact, the popularity and success of the Butler Blue live mascot program can be attributed to high visibility. Needless to say, Blue loves to make appearances and would welcome the opportunity to consider your appearance request.

However, this Dawg needs his rest, to have a role on campus, to play and frankly, cannot be everywhere, all the time. So before making your appearance request, please consider the items below as a general rule of paw.

Submit event requests here

General Appearance Guidelines

All other requests will be evaluated on a  request by request basis. Blue will be most likely to participate in events and activities that advance the Butler mission, including the following but not limited too:

  • High-profile University events (such as prospective student events including Open House and Early Registration, campaign events and alumni/donor events).
  • Events requested by Butler University’s president.
  • Butler athletic events, including home football and basketball games.
  • University spirit events including pep rallies and Homecoming.
  • Events requested by an official Butler Blue sponsors.

Off-campus, or private appearances requests will be evaulated on the following criteria. 

  • The availablility of Butler Blue and his handler.
  • If the apperance advances the mission of  Butler University.
  • The apperance is a controlled and predictable enviroment.

Appearance Fees

Off-campus, or private appearance requests are subject to a appearance fee that starts at $300 which goes to cover expenses related to travel and other needs of the Butler Blue live mascot program.

Additional fees for fuel or miscellaneous items may apply as well.

Apperance Types

Common types of apperances are listed below:

Guest of Honor

Definition: Blue is apart of a ceremony at an event ie. ribbon cutting, appearance on stage, etc. Blue does not interact with the guests of the event. 

Current Status: Available (pending agreement and implemition of pre-approved protocols and precautions)

Meet and Greet

Definition: A set location where guests can come to take their photo with Blue. 

Current Status: Available (pending agreement and implemition of pre-approved protocols and precautions)

Event Mingle 

Definition: Blue walks the floor of an event with guests. 

Current Status: Not Available due to COVID-19

Classroom Visits

Definition: In select cases, Blue will make classroom visits to schools in the Central Indiana area.

Current Status: Not Available due to COVID-19

Social Media Support Add-on

Definition: Support on @TheButlerBlue social media channesl of his time at the event.

Current Status: Available

Cost: $50 in addition to the apperance fee attributed to any of the above apperance types. 



Media Requests

Blue has a reputation as a media hound and as such, is always eager to participate in select print and television interviews. If you’re after increased ratings, viewership, readership or just eyeballs then chances are Blue can help. Give the public what they want…more Butler Blue!

Requests for interviews should be directed to Katie Grize,  News Content Manager, at 317-940-9742 or

Licensing Opportunities

Butler Blue is a licensed entity of Butler University and available for licensing opportunities via Learfield Licensing Partners. Please contact Learfield directly to inquire about Blue IV and/or Butler University licensing opportunties.

For additional information on licensing opportunities with Butler’s official live mascots, please contact Evan Krauss at 317-940-8496 or or Lindsay Martin, manager of sports marketing & promotions, at

Sponsorship Opportunities

From healthcare, to food, transportation and swag, the Butler Blue family of sponsors keep Blue in the ranks of pampered pooches. However, there is always an opportunity for more and with the right backing, even more marketing opportunities exist for Blue and Butler University.

If you would like to inquire about Butler Blue sponsorship opportunities, contact Evan Krauss at 317-940-8496 or