All of us in the College, regardless of our home discipline, have a shared belief in a number of central principles.

First and foremost, we believe in the power, importance and centrality of the liberal arts. Regardless of the major or minor students select in the College (and we offer 33 majors and 31 minors across 12 departments and over 35 programs in the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences), they will be encouraged and expected to explore different ways of understanding the world, to experience cultures diverse from their own, practice critical thinking, to appreciate the value of and joy associated with learning, and to recognize the power their education provides them for personal gain and social change. A liberal arts degree from Butler University, and the hard but exciting work required to acquire one, positions students to do almost anything with their lives beyond Butler. As so many of our graduates have demonstrated, Liberal Arts and Sciences alumni are able to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of those with whom they interact. The faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has adopted a statement outlining the core values associated with a liberal arts education. We hope you will take time to read our Core Values Statement.

Find out how liberal arts majors fare in the job market over the long haul.

(Article published in The Chronicle of Higher Education



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