Heather Quigley-Allen Vice President of Marketing and Resource Development, Bosma Enterprises

Heather Quigley-Allen received a promotion after completing the Butler MBA. She describes how important business knowledge is to a non-profit organization. Heather likes to keep busy. She trains for the Ironman and she and her husband built their own airplane.


Jane Keller Chief Executive Officer, OrthoIndy

Jane has a nursing background and credits the development of her personal leadership style to the Butler MBA. She describes how the MBA helps her navigate the changing healthcare industry.


Matthew Martin, DDS Martin Dentistry

Matt is a dentist with an interest in angel investing. In choosing an MBA, he wanted to have classes on a brick and mortar campus, rather than an online program. Matt describes the broad base of business knowledge that he gained through the program.


Michael McNeely Sr. Vice President and Underwriting Manager, PNC

Michael pursued his MBA later in life and selected the Butler program because of its reputation in the business community. Michael says his MBA resulted in promotions for him at PNC, including managing a virtual team.


Molly McIver Business Analyst Manager, The Capital Group Companies

Molly switched jobs and industries while pursuing her MBA. She describes what it's like to work with an executive coach throughout the program.


Gregg Simril Strategic Account Manager, C.H. Robinson

Gregg pursued the MBA to add business knowledge to his undergraduate major in the liberal arts. In addition to pursuing an MBA, Gregg works full-time and has four children. The flexibility of the Butler MBA helped him manage his busy life.


Shilpa Rao Marketing Analyst, Angie's List

Shilpa Rao says it was through the Butler MBA program that she developed her passion for marketing, and a professional network that helped her transition into her current role with Angie's List.

Amy Cvetkovich Project Finance/Accounting, OrthoIndy and Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital

I recently graduated but while in the MBA program, I received two promotions and switched jobs. Butler's flexibility and the great network of classmates and faculty made those transitions much more manageable for me.

The study trip to Chile was one of my favorite experiences. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be fully immersed in another culture, learning from Chilean professors and dignitaries, alongside Butler friends and faculty. There were so many things that I learned in just one week that I could never have obtained from a textbook.

Ira Maher Account Supervisor, Three Sixty Group

The Board Fellows program has been the most remarkable experience of my MBA career. The opportunity to engage in the community and serve an important, local, non-profit organization has proven to be more rewarding than I ever expected. I feel fortunate to have been given the chance to add community and non-profit board experience as a means for rounding out my complete MBA.

During my MBA experience, I have developed countless new connections. Some of my best friends now are those I met at Butler. Three of my classmates are clients and one is a business partner. I've been able to apply what I have learned (and the network I have built) to incorporate my own business and become my own boss!

Heloisa Carlucci Master in Business Administration '14

I am an international student, so just the fact that Butler's evening MBA program allows a student to be full time-many programs won't-was a great plus. Also, the ability to take most of the courses when I wanted was very beneficial to my learning experience.

The network I have gained is one of the most valuable assets from this program. Not only because I now have numerous connections from multiple companies, but also due to the exchange of experiences among students during the program.

Benjamin Ekhaus Field Service Coordinator, Beckman Coulter

I am married with two young children. My wife also works, so earning an MBA is a juggling act but we all believe it will be worth it in the long run.

I chose Butler because of its great reputation in the business community, especially with hiring managers. The value of the Butler MBA will pay off for me in the long run.

Brittany Poore Business Intelligence Supervisor, Stericycle Expert Solutions

I am getting an MBA because I never want to be told I don't meet the minimum requirements for a job. Pursuing my MBA was more of a question of "why not?" for me. I always want to continue to learn and now seemed like the best time to make the commitment to go back to school.

The biggest benefit I've received from the program is networking with so many great people, both Butler faculty and other students. You have so many more contacts and context within the Indianapolis market. It really opens up a lot of doors.

Colin Darcy Financial Analyst, C&T Design and Equipment Company

I am concentrating in finance and switched careers during my first semester in the program. Through Butler, I have further diversified my skill set which allows me to better serve my new organization.

I chose Butler because of the flexibility, familiarity, and the opportunity to further my career. The flexibility allows me to choose which classes I want to take each semester. I can complete the program quickly or take time off if needed.

Katasha S. Butler Inpatient Pharmacy Supervisor Chair, Diversity and Inclusion

I graduated from Butler in 2003 with my PharmD, so it was a very easy decision to come back to get an MBA. The flexibility of the program was tremendous. I changed jobs during my time in the Butler program and ended up commuting from Illinois to make it to class. All of my professors were understanding of my delays and absences due to weather conditions.

I have no doubt that I will apply what I learned at Butler to progress steadily and get more responsibility within my industry and outside of my industry. I know I will reap the benefits of pursuing my Butler MBA for many years to come.

Ian Koehler Key Account Manager, Gilchrist & Soames

I travel about one week per month for my job. I have two small children at home and my wife works full-time as well. I am about two-thirds of the way through the program and am pursuing a leadership concentration. My undergraduate degree is from Purdue.

While at Butler, I have developed many new business contacts and made lifelong friends. The expanded network I have made is one of the program's best takeaways.


How to Choose an MBA Program

Choosing the right MBA program can be a difficult process but there are some key questions to ask while evaluating options. How important is accreditation? How will you know which program is right for you? Should getting an MBA be easy?


Program Structure & Length

The Butler MBA is a part-time, evening program that is self-paced. Students proceed through the program at their own speed, setting their own schedules and completion time. Program length varies by individual but the average completion time is 2 to 2½ years, although it can also be completed full-time in approximately 1½ years. Students can begin during the fall, spring or summer semester.


Admission Process & GMAT

Butler takes a holistic approach to the admission process and weighs all of the following pieces of the application: GMAT score, prior coursework, resume, all official college transcripts and two letters of recommendations. You should send the materials to Diane Dubord, ddubord@butler.edu. Work experience is recommended but not required for admission.


Curriculum, Courses & Concentrations

There are three sections within the curriculum: the foundation courses for key competency areas, the graduate core, and electives or concentrations. Students can pursue either a general MBA (with a series of electives) or a concentrate those electives in Entrepreneurship, Finance, Leadership, Marketing or International Business.


Live Cases with Local Businesses

The first course in the graduate core is the Gateway Experience, which is a one-day immersion experience in which students work to beat the clock and solve a problem for a real company. The final course in the program is the Capstone Experience, which is a semester-long consulting project for a company. Throughout the program, students work on additional live cases and projects for local businesses.


Executive Coaches & International Experiences

The Butler MBA program includes many value-added options. All students work with a personal executive coach, who helps them create and implement a leadership development plan. Students can participate in the FirstPerson MBA Board Fellows Program, in which students give back to the community by working with the boards of local non-profit organizations. There are also opportunities to travel internationally and work on cases and projects for global organizations.