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Dining halls at Butler – What you need to know!

So, you’re heading off to college, leaving mom’s kitchen and about to move into the dorms. Now you’re wondering what to do in order to not go hungry. We’ve got you’re questions answered! You will need to sign up for a meal plan which can be used within the residential dining rooms, Market Place @ Atherton or the Residential College Dining Room. The Residential College Dining Room is open Monday thru Friday, breakfast and lunch. The Market Place is open Monday thru Friday, lunch and dinner, and then all three meals Saturday and Sunday. There are three meal plans to choose from: The unlimited plan, the 290 block plan or the 240 block plan.

The unlimited plan is just that, unlimited trips into our dining rooms as often as you’d like. If you enter the dining hall for some coffee and a muffin, head back to your room or a class and decide you’d like a hot breakfast…come on back in. The other meal plans do not allow you to re-enter during the same meal period (breakfast, lunch or dinner). You are guaranteed to not run out of meals at the end of the semester, however, this meal plan is strictly for you and does not allow you to give your meals to friends.

The 290 block plan is designed for those that will be eating a majority of their meals on campus but not necessarily going to the dining hall more than three times a day. To re-enter the dining hall on this meal plan, would require the use of flex dollars or “Dawg Bucks”. The 240 block plan works the same way but takes into account the occasional sleeping in, going away for a weekend or ordering out for pizza with friends. The 240 block plan is the probably the more popular among freshmen.

The preference for the 240 block plan also has to do with the increased flex dollars that come with it. The unlimited, 290 and 240 block plan come with $75.00, $100.00 and $150.00 in flex dollars respectively. Flex dollars are like having cash on your Butler I.D. card and acts as a declining balance to be used in the ARAMARK locations on campus. These include Starbucks, C-Club Food Court, Zia Juice Bar, and The Convenience Store at the Dawg House in the Apartment Village. You may also treat a friend or family member at either of the two dining halls. Flex dollars do expire at the end of a semester, however, more money may be added to a students account (I.D. card). Money added to an account is called “Dawg Bucks” and is used in the same locations as flex dollars. The difference is that Dawg Bucks do not expire until a student graduates and can be added in person or on our website http://www.butler.edu/dining . When adding money to an account, ARAMARK will add 5% to the total if $50.00 or more is added at one time.

This may seem overwhelming at first but we’re here to help and answer any questions you still might have. You may direct these questions to food@butler.edu . Also, remember, you have the first two weeks of school to make any changes to your meal plan choices. Relax, enjoy your summer and we’ll see you soon!