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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Music Monday: alt-J

Happy Monday friends. The weather is poppin, the sun is shining, and it is the perfect day for you to sit outside and stare at the sky whilst listening to some serene tunes. All signs point to this Music Monday being about alt-J.

alt-J is an English indie rock band from Leeds, England who have been making music together since 2007. Their debut album, An Awesome Wave, earned them a British Mercury Prize, as well as nominations for three Brit Awards. Their songs “Fitzpleasure,” “Bloodflood,” and “Tessellate” have been featured on television shows such as Weeds, Teen Wolf, and Homeland.

Their music sounds as if they were floating in outerspace when they recorded it, and you are floating underwater as you listen; it is kind of eerie, but in the most pleasant way. It is a great combination of indie music with dashes of electronicy dub-step mixed in. I honestly don’t know what words are being sung about 75% of the time because he’s kind of hard to understand, but they just sound so stinkin’ cool. I could listen to them for hours because their music is so pleasant and floaty. Check em out!

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)


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Music Monday: The 1975

Happy Music Monday to all. For the past week and a half I have been obsessively listening to The 1975. Quite obviously, I would like to share my newfound love with you. Let us begin.

The 1975 is a four man band hailing from Manchester, England. The group has been performing together for the past seven years, has released four EPs, and released their self-titled debut album in September of 2013. The group says they get a lot of their inspiration from eighties pop songs, and it definitely shows. Their tunes are super poppy and fun, but at the same time, they sound kind of dark. They sing about themes of sex and love, with a little bit of angst, and their British accents peek through every once in a while, making them sound truly unique.

Photo courtesy of The 1975 website

Photo courtesy of The 1975 website

Besides having really rockin’ music, the group’s artistic vision is pretty rad. A lot of their early music videos are shot in black and white, and their website is all black and white. They decided on their band name upon discovering the date of an old poem in the back of a beat poetry book. How freaking cool is that?! In addition to falling in love with their music, I have also found myself falling in love with their faces. Classic me.

Anyhow, they are so incredibly catchy, and fun, and unique sounding, and cool, and I can’t stop listening to them. Give them a listen, and check out their website because it is super rad as well.

Have a great week, and thanks for reading :)


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Music Monday: Hozier

Happy Monday everyone. This Music Monday we shall be discussing an artist by the name of Hozier.

Hozier, whose full name is Andrew Hozier-Byrne, hails from County Wicklow, Ireland and has been making sweet, sweet music since the age of 15. Although Hozier has been making music for a while, his first and only EP, Take Me To Church, didn’t come out until July of 2013. This EP features four jazzy, smooth, modern bluesey tunes that are sheer perfection.

My friend Alexis told me about Hozier, and I am in love. Despite only having four songs officially released, I have stumbled across many live recordings of his tunes on Youtube and I cannot stop listening. One of my favorites thus far is “Someone New” because he sings about falling in love with someone new everyday, which I feel like I do. Another one of my faves is “Like Real People Do,” and is so beautiful I think I could cry listening to it. Hozier’s voice is so incredibly smooth and boomy and ominous in the most delicious way. Some of his softer songs sound a bit like a blend of Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Bon Iver, but with infinite amounts of soul. He provides a modern twist on jazz and blues and has so much soul and sultriness to his voice that I cannot get enough. Seriously, check him out. Your ears will thank you.

“Take Me to Church”

YouTube Preview Image

“Someone New”

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“Like Real People Do”

YouTube Preview Image

Have a great week, and thanks for reading :)

30 Things to Do Instead of Homework

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the day off from classes. If you are still not quite ready to tackle your assignments, here’s a list of 30 things you can do instead of your homework.

1. Watch a movie.

2. Watch television.

3. Make a movie.

4. Write a script for a movie.

5. Exercise.

6. Make a new friend.


See numbers 28 and 29.

7. Stare at people.

8. Run between couples holding hands in front of you.

9. Walk into the library, scream “FREE DOUGHNUTS!!!!” and run away.

10. Speak to someone in only song lyrics.

11. Speak to someone in only movie quotes.

12. Bake a cake.

13. Go shopping.

14. Go fishing in the canal.

15. Go swimming in the canal.

16. Count the number of ceiling tiles in your dorm room.

17. Figure the number of dishes you can make out of a single bag of popcorn, then make them.

18. Draw on people’s faces/arms when they aren’t looking.

19. Lick someone’s elbow.

20. Go into the bookstore, touch every item on every shelf and hanger, then leave.

21. Sit down with a stranger, take their hands gently in yours, and say, “It’s not you, it’s me,” then walk away.

22. Braid someone’s hair.

23. Clean.

24. Reorganize your room even though there is really nothing wrong with the setup.

25. Eat some waffles.

26. Blog.

27. See someone from across the room, wait for them to make eye contact, then shriek, “RACHEL! It’s been so long! How are you?!” Run to them with open arms and relish in their terror and confusion.

28. Make a magic wand.

29. Walk around waving your magic wand.

30. Sleep

Have a great rest of the day and thanks for reading :)

Music Monday: Miley Cyrus at the AMAs

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully everyone has been having a wonderful break so far. As I assume you know, the American Music Awards were last night. I did not watch the awards, but I certainly heard about the crazy performances that went on. Particularly Miley Cyrus’.

Miley performed her new hit “Wrecking Ball,” and to be honest, she kept things pretty tame. Assuming you haven’t seen her performance yet, here’s what happened: Miley stood in the middle of the dark stage wearing a skimpy, high waisted, cat-printed, spandexy two piece with clear, misshapen plastic looking earrings and bracelets. She began singing, and the screen behind her lit up to reveal moving space particles and a giant orange cat, moving it’s little feline mouth along with hers. The highpoint of the performance, of course, was at the two and a half minute mark when the cat sheds tears of diamonds. So poetic. So majestic. So real. Despite all the weirdness happening with her outfit and the scenery, Miley stood pretty stationary and delivered a fairly solid vocal performance. But, what does it all mean?

Let’s start with her outfit. The skimpiness of her outfit directly relates to her vulnerability in loving whomever she is singing about. The ratio of leg and arm exposure correlates with the exposure of her heart and feelings in this relationship. The transparency and deformedness of her jewelry also show how transparent and open she was in the relationship, and how bent out of shape loving this man made her. The floating and exploding space particles in the background represent her feelings throughout the whole relationship and song. They float aimlessly in space then explode suddenly, making the audience really feel how uncontrollable one’s feelings can be. And finally, the cat. The cats on her outfit obviously represent the cat in the background. Miley is the cat. The feline sings along with her as she sings, directly showing that this song is this cat’s anthem. The tears of diamonds show just how precious Miley’s tears are, and how no girl, including Miley, should waste their precious tear ducts crying over a man. The cat even sticks its tongue out at the very end of the song, further proving it and Miley are one.

Although Miley may seem crazy, clearly she has a strong, artistic vision and really thought out every aspect of this performance. I may be being sarcastic here, but all jokes aside, I am a fan of Miley. She does her own thing and expresses her creativity, disregarding what anyone else thinks, and I’ve gotta give her props for that. And whether you’re a fan or not, she’s still got you talking about her.

Have a great break and thanks for reading :)

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Music Monday: Eric Hutchinson

Happy Monday to all! I apologize for forgetting about Music Monday last week. To make up for it, this week’s Music Monday is pretty rockin’. Let’s talk about Eric Hutchinson.

Eric Hutchinson is an American singer-songwriter with some pretty upbeat tunes. He got his start back in 2007 when celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton wrote about his self released album, Sounds Like This. Since then, Hutchinson has released a total of four albums and performed on many late night talk shows.

All of Hutchinson’s song are lighthearted and upbeat, and have a fun vibe to them. He reminds me a bit of an energized Jason Mraz, and his sound falls into the category of the Jason Mraz/Matt Nathanson/Matt Wertz type. Also, judging from the live recordings I’ve heard of him, he’s pretty hilarious; exhibited here. Give some of his songs a little listen.

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

“Rock & Roll”

YouTube Preview Image

OK, It’s Alright With Me

YouTube Preview Image

Watching You Watch Him

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Music Monday: The Strokes

Happy Music Monday to all! Because everyone needs some modern/classicish rock in their lives, let’s talk about The Strokes today.

The Strokes are a five-person American rock band from New York City. Since their formation in 1998, the group has released five albums and won several awards, mostly in the UK. They have also hinted that they will be working on their sixth album sometime in 2014.

I honestly haven’t heard too many of their songs, but I do quite enjoy “Last Night,” as well as whatever other songs I’ve heard on their Pandora station. They kind of sound like they have a retro type vibe, which I think is super cool, especially since pop music is pretty popular with the kids these days. Their sound is super cool and has an old timey feel to it. They sound like The Kooks had a baby with The Killers and produced a child signing straight outta the womb. Check out some of their tunes below!

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

“Last Nite”

YouTube Preview Image

“You Only Live Once”

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Music Monday: Yellow Ostrich

Happy Monday everyone! This Music Monday is a bit unique because the band I’m writing about is coming to Butler one week from today. This band is none other than Yellow Ostrich.

Yellow Ostrich is a three-person American-indie rock band from New York. The trio has performed at festivals such as Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits, so it’s kind of rad that they are coming to perform at Butler. The band has five albums and six EP’s, so you should check them out before the show.

Fun fact: I made this poster.

Fun fact: I made this poster.

They have a sound similar to Noah and the Whale, and are just kind of funky and dreamy in general. I dig them real hard, and I think you will too. Another cool thing about them, Daniel Radcliffe digs them too (click here to see what I’m talking about). The concert is being presented by program board’s Coffeehouse, so the concert will be in Starbucks. It’s free, there will be free food, AND there will be great music. Plus I’ll be there, so what’s not to love?!

Moral of the story, come see Yellow Ostrich on Monday October 21 at 7 p.m. in Starbucks!

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

“Marathon Runner”

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YouTube Preview Image

But…What Does the Fox Say?

Happy Music Monday! For the past month or so, I have continually seen people posting “what does the fox say?” online, and up until last week, I did not know what it meant. After viewing the music video for “The Fox” by Ylvis, I can confidently say I now know what the fox says. You probably hate me for this, and I might hate myself a little bit, but this Music Monday is dedicated to “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” by Ylvis.

For those of you that don’t know, “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” is recently released electronic dance song by the Norwegian comedy duo, Ylvis. Think Flight of the Conchords or The Lonely Island, and you’ll understand the type of music the duo creates. After its release in early September, the song and music video have gone viral, earning itself the number 8 spot on Billboard Hot 100. On top of that, the music video has collected over 95 million views in one month. The video’s popularity has been compared to that of Psy’s Gangnam Style.

The video starts out with a bunch of people dressed in animal costumes at some fancy pants party, and one member of Ylvis begins singing dramatically about the noises all of the animals make. The cinematography, setting, and lighting all make the video seem so legitimate, and it drastically contrasts the weirdo lyrics and even weirder refrain. I’m not really certain as to why this song has become so popular, but I am all about it. I don’t think the song itself is good, but the strangeness of the whole situation excites my soul. Keep on being weird, Ylvis. You keep on.

Check out these reaction videos The Fine Brothers made: Teens React and Elders React.

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

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Music Monday: The Neighbourhood

Happy Monday to all. Over the summer, I heard The Neighbourhood’s “Sweater Weather” on the radio many a times and quite enjoyed it. The other day, a handful of The Neighbourhood’s songs came on my Pandora, and I fell in love.

The Neighbourhood is an American alternative rock band that formed in 2011. Since playing together, the group has released two EPs and one full lengthy album called I Love You. In June of this year, the group’s song “Sweater Weather” reached number one on Billboard’s alternative chart. As I said before, I heard this song over the summer and really liked it, but had no idea who sang it. After hearing it on Pandora the other day and seeing it was by them, I took a mental note and then got really excited when I kept hearing songs by them and enjoying it.

They kind of sound like One Republic’s creepy, airy, dreamy, band-cousin, if that makes any sense. Since I only recently realized they were the creators of the beautiful music I grew to love this summer, I haven’t heard much of their stuff. What I have heard, however, is really stinkin’ great. Check em out!

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)

“Sweater Weather”

YouTube Preview Image

“Female Robbery”

YouTube Preview Image