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My name is Bekah and I am a sophomore here at Butler. I am an Art + Design major and love sewing and being creative. I also love dancing (I'm on dance team!), eating cereal, and shopping at Target.

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Art Now

Happy Monday all. Art Now is this week, and I have been frantically preparing for it the past week or so. You should definitely come.

I’ve blogged about Art Now in the past, but for those of you that don’t know, Art Now is a showcase of student artwork that occurs once per semester. Art + Design majors and minors show their work, as do PCA students. 10013711_10152076620002986_5463688682285137372_n

This semester’s show is tomorrow, Tuesday April 22 from 5-7 p.m., and Wednesday April 23 from 9 a.m.-5p.m. I have a display in the show, and I will be there the whole time tomorrow, and part of the day on Wednesday, so you should definitely stop by. There will be a lot of interactive pieces that need audience participation, so there will be a lot to enjoy. SEE YOU THERE!

Have a great week and thanks for reading :)


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Stream of Consciousness

Happy Friday to all! I’m sitting outside, soaking in the sunshine, and there is a lot for me to observe. All signs point to a stream of consciousness post.

A golf cart just drove past me. A tour group is quickly approaching me. There is an alarmingly large amount of people…and children. So just kidding, that is in fact not a tour group at all. “That makes it into ham,” a young boy sitting on someone’s shoulders just said. I feel like I have sunbeams radiating from my face and fingertips today. Now I see a tour group. The tourguide is walking backwards. So good. Great job.

There are balloon arches in front of the library. How many balloons does one need to float up into the sky? That would be a fun thing to do. Maybe. Unless you floated too high and couldn’t come down. That’s not what I would want. Art Now is next week on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Reilly Room. You should come. I’ll be slaving away this weekend getting all of my stuff ready. I don’t think I have much else to say. My shoes smell really bad. Okay, bye.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading :)

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Second Semester Classes

Happy Friday everyone. Today marks the end of the first week of classes, and somehow I’m already feeling a little stressed even though the semester has just begun. Despite the initial stress, I’m feeling pretty excited about most of the classes I’m taking.

I’m in a global and historical studies class about the Caribbean. I was in a feminism GHS last semester and loved it, so anything living up to those standards is nearly impossible. Although history is not my cup of tea, my professor is really great and clearly excited about the course material, so I think the class will be all right.

I’m also in a design history and theory class taught by one of my favorite professors in the art department (let’s be real, I love all of the professors in the art department). This class looks at the evolution of design through architecture, furniture design, interior design, graphic design, and fashion. I’m incredibly excited for this class, especially for the fashion section. Learning-is-Fun

I’m in an audio production class for my digital media productions minor, and I’m not really sure what to expect. Our last class was cancelled due to technical difficulties, so I’m not even sure what this class entails. My professor seems pretty cool though, so I’m hoping it’s a good time.

I’m also taking a poetry class this semester, and I’m super nervous about it. I used to “write” poetry when I was younger, and I love reading it now, but I have never written a legitimate poem. I feel like it’s hard enough to understand a poem, let alone write one. My professor for this class is awesome, though, and we all snapped for each other after we read our writing out loud. I felt pretty at home.

Also in the English department, I am taking a British literature class. One of my good friends is in that class with me, so that is an added bonus. The professor for this class is very articulate and seems very passionate about the subject, plus I enjoy British literature, so I think it will be rockin.

Finally, I’m taking an interactive art class, meaning we create art that warrants audience participation. The other day we started making a video game app for an iPhone, and that was incredibly frustrating. Towards the end of the semester we get to study relational art, which I love. It’s art that studies how people interact with each other, so I’m just waiting to get through all of the icky digital stuff.

After the first week of class, I’m feeling okay about all of my classes I’m enrolled in. I am a little worried, however, about my desire to reject any sort of digital art because I’m in a digital art class, and digital media is one of my minors. Hmph. Oh well. If any of my classes prove to be rough, all of my professors seem good, and I have friends in all of my classes, so something good will come of it.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading :)

Art Now: A Review

Happy Friday to all! As you can see from my last post, Art Now was this week. Although the two weeks leading up to the show were incredibly stressful, it went incredibly well and I could not be happier.

My display.

My display.

The show featured work from all art + design majors and minors, as well as work from some PCA classes. Everyone’s display looked super professional, and everyone looked like real life artists. Thirty-five works were sold, which is awesome because that is way more than what has been sold in previous years.

Another highlight from the show was that all of the art students made t-shirts with our professor’s face on it and surprised him by wearing them to the show on Wednesday. We also wore matching plaid over the shirts to honor him. It was weird and exciting and we all loved every minute of it. We had a silent dance party as well, which is when everyone participating wears headphones and dances, so essentially you all look crazy, but it is incredibly fun.

Matchy matchy.

Matchy matchy.

One of the most fulfilling parts about the show, however, was Wednesday night. I was studying in Starbucks and a stranger came up to me and told me how much he liked my work! I was incredibly excited because: 1. I love approaching strangers, so naturally one approaching me was great, and 2. Being told that my work resonated with someone is so fulfilling.

Art Now was an incredible success and just further validated my love for art. If you missed the show, don’t fret. There is a show at the end of each semester, so watch out for the show in the spring.

Have a great weekend, good luck studying, and thanks for reading :)

Chuck Close

Happy Saturday to all. As I’ve mentioned before, I am an art + design major here and Butler. I absolutely love being an art major, and am in two art classes this semester. One of these classes is painting.

Last week in my painting class, we looked at work by an artist named Chuck Close. I learned briefly about Close in one of my art classes first semester last year, so I was glad to see more work by him in painting. Close is an American painter and photographer widely known for his photo-realistic large-scale portraits. Close’s paintings are huge, and many of them are so realistic, you’d swear you’re looking at a photograph. 08139_CLOSE

In addition to his hyper-realistic paintings, Close also follows a grid pattern to create more large portraits made up of different colors and shapes. Even these portraits with abstracted shapes and colors still look fairly realistic, and that just blows my mind. Close is also partially paralyzed due to a spinal artery collapse, so he compensates by strapping the paintbrush to his wrist, painting in a wheelchair, and having his canvas fit through a hole in the floor on pulley system that mechanically adjusts what part of the canvas he can reach. How incredible is that?!

big-emmaI’m such a huge fan of Close’s work, and I am so incredibly inspired that he still paints despite his injury. Here’s a video of him explaining a bit of his work, but be sure to check out more of him on his website.


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Have an A+ weekend and thanks for reading :)


Happy Thursday everyone! I do apologize for my lack of creativity in these blog posts lately. Just like everyone else on campus, I have been incredibly busy with finals shtuff. Wrapping up loose ends for the end of the year/studying for finals has been consuming my life, but it will all be over soon enough!

Since I am an art + design major, a lot of my work for finals was due last week at Art Now. Although I had a lot due then, the fun didn’t stop there! I have to write a manifesto for my art history class, which is proving to be incredibly challenging, as well as make a visual for it. I also have to create an artist website, complete with a bio, artist statement, and resume for another one of my art classes. So much art, so little time.

The final for my FYS was simple enough. We just had to answer some short essay questions. The only test final I have is for my urban ecology class, and let me tell you, I cannot wait for that to be over. I am not a sciencey person in the slightest, so I am anxiously awaiting the day that science can be out of my life forever.

The awkward, "finals are over!!" celebration dance.

My journalism class’ final was a paper, which I turned in last week, so I just need to finish up my art and urban ecology stuff and I will be free!

Have a great end to the week, thanks for reading, and keep rockin’ those finals :)

Art Now

Happy Thursday all! Art Now was this Tuesday and Wednesday, and it was a success! If you are unaware, Art Now is the art show put on by Butler’s art students at the end of each semester. The show takes place in the Reilly Room and lasts two days. Being an Art + Design major, I had all of my work from this semester in the show.

I displayed my body of work, which was a relational art piece about how people interact and forge friendships. I also displayed a piece I made out of a busted up George Forman Grill, as well as a collage of sexual innuendos. Art is fun.

"Innuendo? InYOURendo"

I absolutely loved all of the displays, and seeing all of my fellow classmate’s work was great. My favorite aspect of the show was the dance floor. There was a taped off section of the floor that you had to dance through whenever you crossed it, and on Wednesday, one of my professors and two of my classmates and I had a silent dance party. This consists of each participant listening to music on their iPod and dancing together as if the music is playing throughout the room. We looked like fools because there was only music playing in our ears, but it was great.

I also really enjoyed an interactive piece made by my friend and classmate, Britt. She made a mermaid tail and encouraged people to get inside the tail, take a picture, and post it with the hashtag #ArtNowMermaid. I most certainly took a picture, as did many other people. It was great fun!

P.S. If you missed the show, or if you just really love art, swing by the Art Annex past AV and check out Art at the Annex, featuring work from two senior majors. It will be open from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. tomorrow!

Me, being a mermaid.

Good luck on finals, and have a great end of the week :)

Blue II’s Birthday

Happy Friday everyone! Today is Butler Blue II’s birthday. The former mascot is turning 9 today, and there was a big party in the bookstore and Starbucks earlier this afternoon. There were cameras, cookies, cupcakes, and a lot of people. Let me remind you that Blue II is a dog.

A picture of Blue II.


Personally, I have nothing against Blue II. He’s been our school mascot for many years and everybody loves him. The thing I don’t understand is why there was a birthday party for a dog. All I know is that I have never had such a bangin’ party (my family forgot my birthday once, but that’s a story for another time), and I’d like to think I’m more likeable than a bulldog. Apparently not. Apparently no human being is more likeable than an bulldog because I have never heard of the news being at an average human’s birthday bash.

I’m not complaining exactly because I would by lying to you if I said I didn’t take advantage of the free Insomnia Cookies at the party, but I would also be lying if I said that I thought throwing a dog a birthday party was a casual thing to do. Oh well, whatever floats your boat I suppose.

I was informed that Tripp’s birthday falls over Christmas break, so I wonder what the party situation will be for his birthday next year. We should probably have one party before break and one once we come back, just to be safe. I mean, that’s the logical thing to do. As long as there are free cookies, I guess it’s alright.

Have a great weekend and thanks for reading :)

Advising and Art Stress

Happy Thursday to all! We have about one month left of the semester, and you know what that means- it’s time for advising appointments and end of the year shenanigans! I blogged last semester about how stressful it was to figure out my schedule, but I wasn’t nearly as stressed this time around.

Although my advising appointment didn’t give me too much worry, all of my art projects most certainly have. I have mentioned many a time before that I am an Art + Design major. I absolutely, positively love being an art major, but there is quite a lot happening in the art department these days, so I am wigging out a bit.

My most recent project.

The biggest thing I have to do is create a body of work.

For the body of work, the class has to make 5-10 pieces that are related through a concept, and we have to have them done to present at Art Now. Initially, I was going to go to Value World and buy items from the song “Thrift Shop” and create my own interpretation of the song through photographs, but I wasn’t totally feeling it. My new idea was inspired by a video of strangers sitting in a ball pit and asking each other questions so they wouldn’t be strangers when they left the pit (the video is below!).

As you know from reading my blog, I am all about becoming friends with strangers. I am really curious about people’s relationships and how they come to meet and grow in friendship, so I am going to create spaces and instances that, like the ball pit, encourage strangers to interact. I am going to document these interactions through photos and writing, so it’s different from most other projects I have done. This type of art is called relational art because it is about human relationships, rather than a tangible piece of artwork. I’m kind of nervous that no one will want to participate, but you better believe I’m going to try!!

In other kind of artsy-related news, I got an Instagram, so you should follow me!

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Have a great end to the week and thanks for reading :)

Art on Art on Art

Happy Friday everyone! Last Friday, I went on the First Friday gallery tour with some other students from the Jordan College of the Arts. I have blogged about this before, but first Fridays are when local art galleries are open for the evening, and a bunch of people come to view the work. We went to the Harrison Center for the Arts and the Murphy Art Center.

The Murphy building was my favorite destination on the last first Friday I attended, so I was anxious to return. The best exhibit I saw there was by Robert Horvath, titled Braincandy. This exhibit consisted of large-scale oil paintings of nuclear, candy looking creations.

Robert Horvath

All of the paintings looked airbrushed or digitally altered, so it blew my mind when I spoke to the artist and he said it was oil paint and described his process. He said if he works in the studio every day, he would only be able to produce about 10 paintings in a year because they are so labor intensive.

Speaking of more crazy art, I met an artist the other day who ate the Bible. The Art + Design program is currently interviewing for another professor for next year, and one of the candidates came and taught two of my art classes the other day. He is a performance artist, which, in simple terms, means you record yourself doing strange things. For one of his performances, he fasted for seven days, and at the end of the seven days, he boiled the pages of the Bible and ate it. He also described how he lived in a bubble/dome structure for a whole month. That is serious dedication.

One final art encounter- the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards exhibit is currently in Clowes Hall. This exhibit showcases the best work from middle schoolers and high schoolers in the area. A few of my classmates and I went and looked at the exhibit this morning, and let me tell you, nothing makes you feel more inadequate than when an 8th grader has more artistic ability than you do.

The work I showed last year.

I showed work in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards show in Illinois last year and received a gold key, but after seeing the great work at Clowes, I feel less special about that accomplishment.

Have a wonderful spring break and safe travels to wherever your destination may be. Thanks for reading :)