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May 2018

After getting home from work through my inter-dimensional transport through which I travel to Mars everyday to mine for the special mars gas that makes such travel possible, my robot dog comes running at me with his metal tail wagging and its almost realistic voice yapping away First it tells me that i smell good, then that it’s hungry. I sit down in my floating chair and close my eyelids to watch some TV (because by now most certainly we will be able to install screens into our eyelids and at the very least receive basic cable).

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I’m considering taking another flight to the moon, but I’ve done that so many times it’s almost mundane, and is really touristy now anyway. I’m considering the less frequented but more reference-prone Journey to the Center of the Earth which opened last week. But who knows? Maybe I’ll just go into my gaming room (an empty, white room that will transform into a computer game and that I will interact with).


Why am I imagining my possibilities for the next five years? It’s a cliched interview question to ask “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?” Anyone who would tell me: “But that’s ridiculous!” I would promptly ask why is it ridiculous to be optimistic about the future? Sure there’s a limit to it, but…should there be? If there are young people today who are too optimistic then I believe we’re heading in the right direction Attitude plays a bigger role than the depressing, soul-crushing numbers that will be spouted at you on the news. So chill out. Don’t bother worrying about things you have no control over. It’s a well known fact that throughout history people have imagined the past to be a golden time, and the future to be full of dreadful possibilities. Owen Wilson will teach you that in Midnight in Paris.

Besides, the economy and government won’t be a problem by 2018, given that the robots will have taken over by then and promptly fixed all of our human errors.


I can always go to the cliche: “You don’t know what you got till its gone.” But that exemplifies exactly what I’m talking about. I can’t imagine what my time at Butler would have been like if I hadn’t taken the time to remove myself from the routine earlier. This distance gives me a clear view of how I’ve spent my time well, how I’ve misused it, and how exactly I can use it better in the future.

Another thing: international travel builds character. When you step onto that plane for another country on your own, you are forced to open yourself in new ways. There is no place for insecurity. No longer can you sit in the backseat while other people handle issues. It’s do, or do later. So you might as well do it.

I feel like we’ve reached the point in the monologue to introduce the butterfly/cocoon metaphor, but I think that is absolutely too cliche. Instead I’ll opt for the much more savory bacon metaphor. After this semester, I know that I will no longer be that limp slab of uncooked meat, but a crispy, delicious, smoked delicacy that has much of the world saving room for on their plates full of pancakes and eggs.

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Bacon may be on my mind also because I took part in the great American tradition of Brinner yesterday. Yummm.

Perche? PERCHE?!?!

It’s a fantastic experience here, but sometimes one must ask: Why? Why am I doing all of this? What is the purpose of spending all of that money to spend a semester of my college years and go to another country to learn another language? These, some of the best and most developmental years of my life, should be allocated to worthwhile activities.

So I ask myself: is all of this worth it?

YES! Say it a million times. Say it a million more times, and what’s the word you’ve said two million times? YES!!!! (Paraphrased quote from “Yes Man.” Which reminds me, what would the world be like without Jim Carrey?) For one thing, learning another language helps you cognitively. But there’s more to learning than just that. [Next Post]

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This video has been inserted for the entertainment of all. I hope you can understand, but even the silliness of grandmothers transcends language barriers.

Inauguration, Danko Style

Prior to break, our new president was inaugurated at Butler University. President Danko accepted the position gracefully, listening attentively while a number of honorary and symbolic gifts were presented to him from student government officers, professors and provosts alike.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the ceremony, and was supplied with a cap and gown, thanks to the efforts our SGA president. Myself and several other students representing Butler’s various clubs and student organizations processed in with the faculty and staff.

The buildings where greatness happens.

I felt regal, but I also felt a sense of pride and optimism in Butler’s future. Much was talked about the future of higher education, how it is bound to change through the next several decades, but I don’t doubt for a second that Butler will keep up or outpace these changes through its energized student body and top-notch professors.