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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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This weekend I decided to have my own little winter break before finals week starts so I went home to visit for a few days. It was fun just to relax and get a couple last minute assignments done. This morning I woke up early and drove back to Butler. Needless to say it was a fun ride considering there were no cars on the highway and I was singing songs on my iPod at the top of my lungs!

This week I only have two finals so I am looking forward to finally being done with the semester. I just have one more assignment to do today and then I’ll be able to relax! I am more excited for next semester and all the new classes I’ll be taking! The class that sounds the most interesting and different is my web design class. I’m really looking forward to it and hoping I can learn a lot of new things about web journalism!

I can also say I am officially done with my Converged Journalism Project! It took a whole semester to complete and I am really proud of it! I had so much fun filming interviews and shots, writing stories, and editing my video to put the whole thing together. My topic was education reform and Indianapolis Public Schools. Trust me, it’s more interesting than it initially sounds! It’s full of action and conflict!

Here’s the final video I made for the project

YouTube Preview Image

Product Placement

So I have to turn in two of my video projects I’ve been working on this year. One is a project I have been working on all semester about Education Reform in Indianapolis that I’ll post later when it is officially finished! That one was really fun to do for my Converged Journalism class because I had to go out and film interviews and try to get footage to cover the whole story. For that class, we also have to post our final video and project to an online blog.

For Media Literacy, me and two other people in a group had to make a Public Service announcement. For this, we decided to make a PSA raising awareness of product placement. Me and Jordan, one of my partners and the person who edited the video, are terrible actors but it is still funny to watch! Our other partner Rotnei did the voice over at the end of the video.

After this semester, I’ve had to make various video and multimedia assignments for classes and I’ve actually come to learn that I enjoy doing film. Maybe I’ll even have a career where I’ll have to do it in the future! I’m glad I learned how to do multimedia work now while I’m young instead of having to learn it in the future when things change and become more confusing!

YouTube Preview Image

Majors at Butler

I received a recent inquiry about what types of majors and academics Butler provides so I decided to devote a blog post towards it. Butler offers over 60 majors which you can view here. In this post, I am going to highlight a few.

This year is the first school year for the College of Communications and I am glad to be part of its inaugural year. In the college, there are a wide range of majors from Journalism, which is what I am doing, to Recording Industry Studies.

In the College of Education, there are also a variety of majors. Of course there’s Elementary Education in which you can go into but, for those who are undecided as to what major they want, you can be an Exploratory Studies major until you decide what career path you want to go into.

In the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, you can go into either Pre-Pharmacy or Pre-Physician Assistant. Pharmacy is a great career path to go into, especially at Butler. Pharmacy majors at Butler have a 100 percent job placement rate upon graduation which is phenomenal, especially considering the pay rates.

There are many more fields one can enter at Butler including Business, Fine Arts, Liberal Arts, and many Pre-Professional Programs. For any questions regarding majors and Butler life, feel free to leave a comment or visit Butler’s homepage.

Random Photos of the Day:

This is the sign in front of Jordan Hall where many of my classes are

This is one of the entrances to Jordan Hall