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Hi! I'm Andre. I'm a senior double major in Political Science and Spanish at Butler and I'll be graduating in 2014.

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Banner Contest

So ResCo held a Halloween banner contest where each unit could decorate a banner and each unit has to compete against each other. My residents spent hours on it and the finished product was amazing! Everyone in the hallway pooled together supplies and resources such as paint, colored paper, brushes, and decorations. The theme of the banner had to have a mix of Butler, your unit, and Halloween themes.

The winner was supposed to be announced on Halloween but after a power outage that made the whole building literally have to spend the night in the dining hall, it wasn’t. We didn’t get to return to our building until 4 AM which was extremely inconvenient but at least classes in one of the academic buildings was canceled. The winner still hasn’t been announced but we’re waiting with crossed fingers that it was our unit. The winning unit wins a pizza party so we’ll see who reigns supreme.


Music Monday: Frank Ocean

So I awkwardly go through off and on periods of really getting into Frank Ocean and now is one of those times. I first heard of him two summers ago when his album came out and everyone and their mom loved him. His first single “Thinkin Bout You” was my favorite song for a while until I decided to listen to his older stuff.

Now my favorite song by him is “Swim Good” from his older released stuff. It’s funny I like it because, fun fact, I don’t know how to swim so I listen to it in a weirdly ironic way. As with all of Frank Ocean’s songs I never know what they’re talking about because his lyrics are so abstract but I still appreciate it.

YouTube Preview Image

I Am Picasso

This past weekend I had to work on my Spanish final project with my group. We decided to use our project to highlight the issue of violence, specifically in Chile in the 1970s. None of us are artists in the slightest but we somehow managed to make our paintings look slightly recognizable.

The pictures deal with the kidnapping of innocent people, the holding of political prisoners, and the glimmer of hope for people during the time. This has been the focus lately in my Mysterious Stories Spanish course and it has definitely been interesting since I have previously talked about the same subject matter in some of my Political Science courses. Hopefully we get a good grade!

Our three paintings

Asian Adventure

For my East Asian Interactions class we were assigned to go to the Indianapolis Museum of Art and write about five different pieces of art from different Asian time periods. I’ve been to the IMA before with an art class so I knew what to expect but there were a lot of beautiful pieces! A group of four of us from class walked over to the museum since it was so close but we couldn’t stay and enjoy it for long since I had class right after.

It took us a while to find all five pieces but eventually we were able to get everything done in time for me to run back to class! I was a couple of minutes late but class hadn’t yet started so all was well! The weather was also really nice as well so I’m a little disappointed we couldn’t stay and look at all the exhibits. Oh well, I guess I’ll come back another time and bring my family!

Here is one of the more interesting pieces. It's supposed to be of a warrior from the Han dynasty.

Rain Rain Go Away…

It has been incessantly raining today and I’m not liking it one bit! I had to scurry to my dorm after class because I forgot to bring my umbrella! I’ll definitely be checking the weather from now on! The weird part about it was that the lawn sprinklers were still running while it was pouring rain! I guess the grass just needs that much water!

My art class is holding an art show this week in the Reilly Room! All the art we’ve done in class this semester will be on display. The show is on Thursday and should be a lot of fun. I went to the art show last semester and loved all the pieces! You can see our class blog here.

Random Video of the Day:

This is such a cool music video! I remember when I saw it for the first time!

YouTube Preview Image

Cherishing Break

So it’s taking me a long time to process that break is almost over. With that being said, I’m cherishing every single minute I’m off. But, I’m having a hard time doing that with all the homework I have!

Since I have homework in five of my classes, I created the clever but simple plan of doing one assignment a day and I am pleased to say that I only have one left! Yesterday I worked on my art project where we had to make a collage of a self portrait of ourselves, with close attention to color and only using magazine cutouts. It took me a couple of hours but I am pleased with what I did!

Also, I was watching the news today and saw that the basketball team won today! Congrats and hopefully you guys take the tournament this year!

Random Photo of the Day:

My finished project! It's hard to see but I seriously cut out hundreds of tiny strips of paper to make it

Tracing My Family History!

So for my Civil War FYS class, yes I’m talking about it again, we were assigned to trace one of our grandparents’ lineage. So I started working on it yesterday and to my surprise, I have ancestors from Ireland! Evidently my great-great-great grandfather emigrated from Ireland during the 1870s! What makes it even more funny is that when the Civil War reenactor came to our class and asked us who had Irish ancestry, I almost raised my hand as a joke. But turns out I wouldn’t have been lying!

Tomorrow in my Aesthetics and Design class we are going to do a project where we have to fill out a silhouette of ourselves using only cutout colors from magazines and books. Let me start off by saying it is harder than it sounds! We’re going to be sitting in front of a projector and try to sit really still while our partner traces us. Hopefully I sit still enough and hopefully it is not as awkward as I think it will be! We also post our projects and assignments on our class blog. You can see it here!

Also, just a reminder, there are FOUR days until Spring Break!

Random Video of the Day:

So I just happened to stumble upon this video on Youtube and turns out, I’m in it! You can see me and all my awkwardness at 1:40-1:45

YouTube Preview Image

First College Field Trip

I can now officially say that I’ve gone on a field trip in college. For my Aesthetics and Design class, we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, or IMA. It’s like a minute away from campus and is free so I’ll definitely be stopping by more often!

We got to go to the different levels and see various pieces of artwork from different continents and time periods. My favorite piece is a little more contemporary and it involves paint and pottery (I’ll post the picture below). There was also a video next to some of the pieces showing them as they were made.

My class didn’t have enough time to see the whole museum but we are planning to go back in March to see the outside exhibits!

Today ended on a good note because I got to Skype my friend Jill who goes to IU. I found out she has a blog too! You can see it here.

Random Song of the Day: “Just Tonight” by The Pretty Reckless

Random Photo of the Day:

My favorite piece at the museum. A woman actually threw pottery filled with paint around to make it!

Off to Purdue

After my final today, on the way home, I’m going to visit some of my friends at Purdue University. I got a letter in the mail from one of them yesterday so I’m planning on surprising them all! Hopefully they don’t read this post first and ruin the surprise!

We get a whole month off for winter break at Butler so I will savor every moment! I’m just hoping it will not go by fast. Lately breaks haven’t been going by fast so I feel like this will be the same! :)

Random Song of the Day: “Angels” by Robbie Williams

Random Photo of the Day:

This is more of the art on display at the exhibit I attended on campus!

That’s all for today! Thanks for visiting my blog!

Tomorrow’s the BIG day!

I take my Chemistry final tomorrow and needless to say, I’m nervous. I studied all day and weekend so hopefully I do well! After my final I get to hit the road and go home. There has been a lot of snow and all of the schools in my county were canceled but I’m sure the snow will be cleaned up by the time I get home.

I recently went to an art exhibit on campus which showcased work by fellow Butler students. It was great seeing all of the talent on campus. I’m taking an art class next semester but I’m sure my work wouldn’t be able to compare since I’m not the most artistically inclined person around.

Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question!

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Random Song of the Day: “The Flood” by Take That

Random Photo of the Day:

This is some of the art at the exhibit!