TEACH Butler

Educational Neuroscience Symposium

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Is TEACH Butler what used to be called workshops?

Yes, the workshops are now a part of the larger TEACH Butler program, which offers professional development through the College of Education. TEACH Butler will include workshops, online learning, conferences, guest speakers and more. Any person seeking professional development, graduate credit or PGP points through the College of Education will now be able to do so through the TEACH Butler program. Students enrolled in the School Counseling program who need workshops for program requirements will also find these workshops under TEACH Butler.

Who should attend?

Workshops offered through the College of Education are opportunities for continued learning for those who are:

  • Working toward a degree and wish to earn graduate credit.
  • Renewing a license and looking to earn PGP points.
  • Seeking up-to-date information for personal and/or professional development.

What is the cost?

Workshops offered for graduate credit cost $580 per credit hour at the full tuition rate and $290 per credit hour at the half tuition rate. If the workshop is not offered for graduate credit only, the price will be indicated by the workshop listing on the Professional Development Workshops page.

Visit the Financial Aid website for more information or for a full breakdown on cost of university attendance, click here.