Book Discussion Group Opportunity for Faculty

All Butler teaching faculty (full- or part-time) are welcome to register for the book discussion group opportunity, and books will be provided to the first 40 faculty registrants. All participants will be expected to participate in small group discussions. To help facilitate coordination efforts, participants will be organized into small groups and introduced to one another via email. After introductions have been made, each group will autonomously decide how best to organize and schedule their discussions.

Check back later for the reading selection and registration information.

Selected Reading for Fall 2021—Deep Work by Cal Newport.

In a distracted world of emails and committees, we sometimes lose track of the value of being able to think about a precise task in an undistracted way. We hope that this book will give participants the opportunity to think about the value that we have as researchers in a knowledge economy and how increasingly rare the ability to work deeply is becoming.

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In Spring 2021, the selected reading was “Small Teaching Online,” by Flower Darby.