Faculty Associate Program

Starting in June 2023, we are piloting the Faculty Associate program, in which a small group of faculty will each take on a leadership role supporting a specific area of our Faculty Development program.

Nick Abel – Faculty Associate for Leadership:

  • Designs, coordinates, and hosts Department Chair/Program Director workshop series and social/community-building gatherings
  • Acts as a liaison between Faculty Development and Deans
  • Updates relevant sections of The Collective website

Tonya Bergeson – Faculty Associate for External Programs:

  • Serves as liaison between Butler’s FD program and external partners (e.g., OneHE, NCFDD)
  • Designs and hosts programming to increase use of and engagement with external programs
  • Gathers usage and assessment data and makes recommendations regarding future partnerships
  • Updates relevant parts of The Collective website

Jane Gervasio – Faculty Associate for Well-being and Engagement:

  • Coordinates faculty reading group/learning community on topic related to navigating burnout and promoting wellness and engagement
  • Develops programming intended to increase faculty wellness and engagement with their work
  • Shares articles and resources through Collective newsletter
  • Updates relevant sections of The Collective website

Jason Goldsmith – Faculty Associate for Recognition:

  • Writes bios for public recognition of faculty award winners
  • Contributes faculty award and recognition-related content to the Collective newsletter
  • Coordinates university-level faculty award processes, including the Distinguished Faculty Award, Outstanding Professor of the Year Award, and the First-Year Impact Award
  • Assesses and revises award nomination and review processes
  • Point person for questions surrounding faculty recognition

Brittany Heer – Faculty Associate for Outreach:

  • Gathers teaching and productivity tips for the Collective newsletter
  • Reviews newsletter drafts and suggesting revisions
  • Sets up and maintains Faculty Development social media (e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and promoting events
  • Shares professional development articles and resources aligned with strategic priorities

Felicia Williams – Faculty Associate for Pedagogy:

  • Conducts occasional consultations with faculty seeking input and guidance on crafting their SLOs, aligning their assessments with their SLOs, etc
  • Contributes pedagogy-related content to the Collective newsletter
  • Coordinates a reading opportunity/book group focused on pedagogy
  • Consults with instructors to incorporate various teaching methods and strategies