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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Butler Undergraduate Research Conference and some basic answers to these questions. Please read through these questions and answers to see if you can find what you need here. If you still have not found the information you need here, please email Dr. Rusty Jones at and we will try to get you the information you need.

Are all submissions for presentations accepted? ~ Show Answer

Yes and each presentation must have a faculty sponsor.

Do you have poster sessions? ~ Show Answer

Yes. When you submit your abstract you must indicate if you intend to give an oral presentation or a poster. 

Can a presentation have more than two authors? Can it have more than two presenters?  ~ Show Answer

There is no limit on the number of names that can be included as the authors of an oral presentation or poster presentation.

However, no more than TWO students may present a work in an oral presentation session or a poster session.

If a project is completed by a large group or by an entire class, you should consider breaking the project into sections and having two students assigned to present each section of the work.  This situation is best presented in the poster session format.

When a work has two presenters, one student serves as the primary presenter and submits an abstract to the URC system. That student should list the name of the other presenter and any additional authors. The second presenter should also register at the same time but does not submit an abstract. If additional authors of a presentation wish to attend the conference, each student should register as a conference attendee.

Can I submit more than one paper or poster for presentation? ~ Show Answer

Yes, but no student may participate in more than two presentations.  Students may participate in two oral presentations or one oral presentation and one poster presentation.  Do I need to submit a full paper of my research to the conference or just an abstract? ~ Show Answer


Do you have sample abstracts I can view? ~ Show Answer

Yes. You may view sample abstracts from the 2012 URC.


May I present in a foreign language (e.g., Spanish or German)? ~ Show Answer

Yes. If you wish to make a presentation in a language other than English, please select "Modern Foreign Language" as your desired topic area on the abstract submission form.

May I request a specific time for my presentation or change my time once it is scheduled? ~ Show Answer


How will I receive my registration confirmation? ~ Show Answer

You will receive an email confirmation from the system. In the email will be a registration confirmation number.

May I change my topic and talk after I have submitted my abstract? ~ Show Answer

No. As you finish your study and get it ready for presentation, you may learn that something you indicated you would do or say in your abstract is not true or not possible. Please tell your audience of the change when you give the presentation.

May I withdraw my presentation after submission? ~ Show Answer

Submitting an abstract for presentation is a professional commitment. If you submit an abstract, you are agreeing to present it at the conference on that day. If you are, for reasons beyond your control, unable to attend, you should first try to get an undergraduate colleague to present the paper for you. If you can not find someone to replace you, send an email to to inform us that you are unable to attend and are unable to find a replacement. We will inform the session chair that you will not be able to present. We are sorry, but we are unable to refund registration fees for any reason.

I found a typographical error in my abstract after I submitted it, can I fix it? ~ Show Answer


I was unable to attend the conference. How can I get a copy of the program? ~ Show Answer