College of Communication
Sports Media

How can I get into the program?

If you are an incoming freshman, just simply declare your major as Sports Media. Before your on-campus visit work with the admissions office to set up a meeting with a faculty member in the Sports Media program.

If you are a current Butler student who is exploratory or who would like to change your major to Sports Media, please contact a Sports Media faculty member to learn more about the program.

What qualifications do students accepted into the program have?

Students who are interested in the Sports Media program must have more than just an avid interest in sports. They possess a staunch passion for and interest about sports media, journalism and production. Students who have taken advantage of sports media opportunities at the high school and/or college levels to gain real-world experience are ideal, but it is not required.

Are there any Sports Media courses I can take before I'm in the program?

If you visit our Courses and Requirements page you can see a list of courses for the Sports Media major. Three entry level courses are JR112, JR113 and CME106.

Can students minor in Sports Media?

As of right now, there is no Sports Media minor. Please work with the Sports Media faculty and your advisor to discuss alternative options such as a double major or a concentration in Sports Media.