Jordan College of Fine Arts
School of Music


The mission of the School of Music of the Jordan College of Fine Arts is to provide the highest quality education in music within the university's liberal arts focus to both music majors who are preparing for a professional career in music, and non-majors, who are enriching their human spirit. The faculty is committed to the musical development of each student in a challenging, nurturing environment through excellence in teaching, performance, scholarship and creativity, while serving the global community.

The School of Music is a fully accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

School of Music Student Learning Outcomes:

• Demonstrate an understanding of the common elements and organizational patterns of music and their interaction

• Develop a broad knowledge of music literature and the historical, political and social context within which it was created

• Develop knowledge sufficient to provide musical leadership on matters of musical interpretation

• Perform technical skills requisite for artistic self-expression in at least one major performance area at a level appropriate for the particular music concentration

• Display the ability to integrate musical knowledge and technical skills with sensitivity to a variety of musical styles

• Display growth in artistry, technical skills, knowledge of repertory and collaborative competence in a variety of ways that may include, but are not limited to ensemble participation, interdepartmental collaborations and recital performances

• Appreciate the importance of personal responsibility for developing their art

• Support the importance of advocating for the value of music in society

• Appreciate artistic expression found in other cultures and disciplines