College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Spanish Service Learning

Course description: The academic goal of this course is to increase fluency in Spanish skills while fostering cultural awareness of the complex social issues surrounding Latino immigration and education. Through our partnerships with Indianapolis Public Schools, you will spend two hours a week working with Spanish-speaking students as tutors and mentors. This service work is complemented by our weekly classroom meeting in which you are encouraged to frame your community experience in meaningful ways through discussions, selected readings, and reflection journals, all of which provide the opportunity to refine communicative abilities in Spanish while deepening engagement with the coursework.

Combining the study of Spanish language with the pedagogy of Service Learning, this course contributes to your education in the liberal arts. Becoming proficient or even fluent in another language and culture foments self-awareness and empathy, and helps us to better define ourselves both as individuals and as members of larger collectivities. Service learning encourages meaningful engagement between the academic work of university scholars (both professors and students) and the communities in which they live and work. Such pedagogy speaks to the duty of the democratic university and the mission of the liberal arts to produce active and morally responsible citizens.