Department of History and Anthropology

Department of History and Anthropology
Department of History and Anthropology
Department of History and Anthropology

Dear All,

The Department of History & Anthropology is excited to announce that Hayley Adams will be an intern at the Indiana Historical Society in the spring. She will be replacing James Rick, who worked at IHS in the fall, and joining Stephanie Dlatt, who will continue her work on archival materials from Jewish residents of Indiana. The staff at IHS have found our majors to be incredibly smart, capable, and engaged interns, and look forward to working with more of you in future semesters.

Please remember that a limited number of these internships are available every semester to all majors who have completed their sophomore year. I will be putting a call out towards the end of the spring semester for applications for internship positions in the fall. Feel free to talk to me earlier if you think you may be interested. This is also something you may want to discuss with your advisor in connection with broader discussions about your plans post-graduation for graduate school, employment, etc.

Have a wonderful holiday break and we'll see you in the New Year!

E. Edwards

History and Anthropology at Butler

At Butler University, the disciplines of History, Anthropology, and Geography share the same home because they address the same fundamental questions about life. We are singular amongst U.S. universities in bringing together these three disciplines at the undergraduate level. The department offers a small student-faculty ratio, individual attention, and abundant opportunities for undergraduate research. Most of our students also study away from Butler, either abroad or in Washington DC, offering them a taste of this increasingly global world we inhabit.


We invite you to peruse our web page to learn more about the requirements for both degrees, get to know the faculty and staff of the department, and see what opportunities Butler provides for our undergraduate and graduate students! For more up-to-date information on our events and activities, follow us on Facebook!


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