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Department of History and Anthropology


Edwards Elise 101 Elise Edwards - Department Chair, History & Anthropology
Associate Professor of Anthropology; Directory of Anthropology Department
(PhD University of Michigan, 2003) sport; science; sex, gender and sexuality; popular culture; historical anthropology; Japan; East Asia
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Bruce Bigelow 101 Bruce Bigelow - Professor of Geography (PhD, Syracuse, 1978) Indiana and Midwest historical geography, historical geography of American expansionism and imperialism
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Cornell John 101 John Cornell - Associate Professor of History (PhD, Yale, 1991) modern European cultural and intellectual, Germany
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Viv Deno New Vivian Deno - Associate Professor of History (PhD, California, Irvine, 2002) African American, 20-century cultural and social, labor and class studies,
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Hanson Paul 101 Paul Hanson -Professor of History (PhD, California, Berkeley, 1981) Europe, French Revolution, Modern China
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Zachary -Scarlett Zachary Scarlett -Assistant Professor of History (PhD, Northeastern University, 2013) Modern China, Maoist Culture and Politics, Radical Social Movements
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Ageeth Sluis Ageeth Sluis - Associate Professor (PhD, Arizona, 2005) Latin America,
Gender and Sexuality
Director of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
(317) 940-9045
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Swanson Scott 101 Scott Swanson - Associate Professor (PhD, Cornell, 1988) medieval, early modern Europe
(317) 940-9680 
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Emeritus Faculty

Geib George George Geib - Professor of History (PhD, Wisconsin, Madison, 1969) U.S., early national period, military and Midwest
(317) 940-9868
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Jan Hendricks - Administrative Specialist
Dept. History & Anthropology
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