Center For Global Education


To provide leadership and coordination for the comprehensive internationalization of Butler University.


Butler's Center for Global Education creates a vibrant atmosphere where:

  • students and scholars of diverse national and cultural backgrounds interact with and learn from each other, deepening their understanding of global issues and building valuable skills in cross-cultural communication;
  • clusters of faculty members and center staff work together to strengthen the global dimensions of Butler's core curriculum and to build vigorous programs in modern languages, international and area studies, international management, and related programs;
  • students take advantage of an exciting array of study abroad and exchange opportunities in every region of the globe and adopt perspectives of global citizenship as an important part of their identity;
  • faculty members find resources to deepen their knowledge of other countries or world regions and to make connections with colleagues abroad to add international dimensions to their teaching, research and creative activities;
  • externally funded initiatives continuously enrich the Butler community and strengthen its global education capacities.

Key Success Factors and Initiatives

Faculty Development

  • Promote faculty development for internationalization throughout the university, through workshops, seminars, international study trips, and similar activities;
  • Promote faculty collaboration and exchange with colleagues in other countries for scholarly research, teaching, curricular development, and creative activity;

Curricular Development

  • Serve as a facilitator for the infusion of international/global perspectives throughout Butler's core curriculum in support of the "Self, Community, World" model;
  • Promote the development of international dimensions in the curriculum of every academic area, as appropriate to each discipline or program;

International Student and Scholar Support (in cooperation with International Student/Scholar Services Office)

  • Integrate international students (both degree-seeking and exchange students) into the campus and wider communities;
  • Create a supportive environment to enable international students to reach their personal, academic, and career development goals;
  • Promote intercultural dialogue, exchange, and learning among international and domestic students, staff, and faculty;
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to host visiting scholars from other countries, and provide support services to optimize the benefits of their visits to them and to the university community;

Study Abroad and Exchange

  • Provide a wide range of high quality study abroad and exchange opportunities throughout the globe for Butler students, and steadily increase the proportion of students who participate in study abroad;
  • Support Butler faculty in the development and implementation of short-term study programs abroad;
  • Promote active engagement of students in intercultural learning through critical reflection on the study abroad experience;


  • Develop programming and outreach activities for the campus and wider community to promote cross-cultural understanding and stimulate engagement with important international and global issues;
  • Develop programming in support of the internationally focused academic programs, for example, Global and Historical Studies within the core curriculum, modern languages, the International Studies major, and the International Management major;

Grant-Seeking, Fundraising

  • In collaboration with the academic deans and their faculty, actively seek external funding from government agencies and private foundations to support internationalization initiatives;
  • As appropriate, manage grant-funded projects;
  • Work with the Advancement office to cultivate potential donors interested in global education;
  • Explore new funding mechanisms and opportunities to assist students with international study;

Global Partnerships

  • Establish and continually nurture productive academic cooperation and exchange relationships with distinguished higher education institutions in all regions of the world;
  • Coordinate the visits to Butler's campus by representatives of academic and research institutions in other countries;

Information Clearinghouse

  • Serve as an information clearinghouse to broadly publicize all internationally-oriented activities and programs at Butler;

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