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My name is Olivia and I am a senior at Butler University. I spend most of my time in Lilly Hall as a BFA Dance Performance major. When not in rehearsal or ballet class, I write papers for my English Literature second major. In my super-abundant, never-lacking, this-is-highly-sarcastic spare time, I attempt to cook in my apartment kitchen, watch Youtube videos of ballet, knit sweaters that never seem to come to an end, and read books both silly and serious. If I could take any class at Butler just for kicks, I'd go for DiffyQ.

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Applying to the Department of Dance

If you want to apply to Butler’s Department of Dance, you must attend one of the dance auditions unless you live outside the 48 contiguous states. Sign up for auditions earlier rather than later! Butler has two admissions deadlines, Early Action and Regular Decision. Both are NON-BINDING, so if you apply by Nov 1 (early action), your acceptance will be mailed on Dec 15. Regular Decision dates are Feb 1 for the application and Feb 15 for the decision. I would highly encourage you to get your application together in time for the early action dates.

Advantages to applying/auditioning for colleges at the beginning of your senior year:

  • You have the best chance for receiving academic scholarship awards if you apply by Nov 1, (according to here).
  • You have a better chance at JCFA talent scholarships (according to here). The earlier you audition, the more money the college will have to give away.
  • I received my Butler acceptance some time in December, I believe. This meant my entire second semester was free, if not from stress, then at least from the stress of college decisions. It’s really nice knowing early in your senior year where you will be come fall.

What you need to apply to the Department of Dance (I’m getting my info from this webpage):

  • Butler academic application
  • JCFA departmental application (I can’t find this, and I think it might be part of the Butler University general application I linked in the first bullet point…)
  • 5″x7″ full-length photo: Women en pointe in first arabesque or attitude, Men in relevé attitude derrière (wear dress code leotard and tights)

    The JCFA is comprised of the School of Music, the Department of Dance, the Art Program, the Arts Administration Program, and the Department of Theatre. For more information on these other fine arts majors, check out the JCFA webpage.

    Other important tips:

    • While you do not have to be admitted academically to Butler before auditioning for the dance program (or music, theater, or arts administration — auditions and interviews also required), you DO have to have submitted your academic application.
    • Follow the dress code. The website says black leo, pink tights for women/solid color shirt, black tights for men. Ladies, don’t wear tights on the outside of your leotards. You want to look as professional and tidy as possible. The auditions are not en pointe.
    • Dance as cleanly as you can. Musicality and artistry, tidiness of technique and attitude toward class are much more important than pulling out tricks.

    Good luck!

      Blue II, awesome mascot

      One of the other advantages of the Butler basketball media machine? Billions of stories about Blue II, Butler’s English bulldog mascot!

      Everyone loves Blue.

      Since the Final Four and Championship games were in Indianapolis last year (and here I would link to my old blog posts about last year’s championship festivities if the new technology hadn’t eaten my archives…. grrrr…), I saw Blue much more often. Since Blue was in Houston this year, and I was not? No Blue sightings. Well, unless you count the photos someone stuck in the skywalk between Jordan and Gallahue hall:

      Houston, we don't have a problem.

      Still, I like the real Blue better.

      Blue is quite the popular bulldog. If you don’t follow his Twitter, you are missing out on some cute pictures. For a while, my mother changed the desktop picture on the family computer whenever Blue’s owners posted a new picture. The desktop background changed at least once a day.

      Blue’s travels to Houston created a whole new host of photo ops. I particularly enjoyed the airport sequence:

      (These are not my photos, obviously. Blue has his own Flickr photostream.)

      Seriously, though. Talk about celebrity. This dog also has a Facebook page, blog, Youtube channel, and even a live webcam! And more fans than Justin Bieber. [I originally misspelled that as “Beiber” and had to check to see which was correct. Don’t worry. I’m still sane.]


      Let’s not mince words. Last night was painful. There are millions of articles to tell you that. All these articles also talk about the upstanding character of the Butler Bulldogs. Thanks for all the good times, guys. We are so, so proud of you.

      Teamwork, passion, fortitude. Butler’s basketball team treated the campus to a few solid weeks of unifying spirit and fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Of course we’ve won.

      (The last two pictures are my friend’s. Anna is an amazing photographer-dancer-anthropology student. Check out her photo blog!)

      Pep Rally on Butler's campus

      Celebrating with the bulldog statue


      Star player

      So many sweet moments to balance the bitter ones

      My friend Anna's picture. My pompom.

      My friend Anna's picture. Freshmen dance majors.

      Game day

      It’s Saturday: Butler vs VCU is this afternoon for the Final Four game. I have Butler Ballet rehearsal in an hour or so, but I’ll be done in time to watch the game in Hinkle Fieldhouse.


      Words aren’t working for me today. Pictures instead:

      Sweet victory over the Gators last weekend.

      Star Fountain dyed blue for the occasion.

      Going to the Final Four!

      The bookstore is so popular, they've put up signs with directions around the campus.

      Yet another picture with the bulldog statue.

      Go Dawgs!

      The VCU Problem

      So Butler is playing Virginia Commonwealth University this Friday… The problem? Both my parents attended VCU. I live in Richmond. Let’s say my family’s a little conflicted right now. I, however, have no qualms whatsoever about cheering only, solely, and wholeheartedly for the bulldogs.

      Example of Butler school spirit, advising appointment, 9 am:

      Me: I can take a summer class to finish off my English major.

      Advisor: Where are you taking it?

      Me: VCU has a three week session between the end of BSI and the beginning of Butler’s fall semester. [Note: Actually, this fell through, but I should be doing other interesting things to finish off my major instead.]

      Advisor: Oh, you really want to take classes there? VCU? We’re playing them.


      Me (thinking to self): I wonder if the credits would transfer if we lost…. I wonder if VCU will accept me after we win.

      Oh, conflict. But me, I’m bulldogs all the way! GO BU!

      We’re back again

      Last night was epic. I may not have been waiting in Broad Ripple for hours before the game. I might not have trekked across campus to watch the game in the Reilly Room in Atherton Union with other students on campus. (I heard it was packed, and there was free pizza.) Yes, I might have been in my pajamas to watch the game, since it started at 10 pm and did not finish until after midnight.

      Still, epic epicness on an epic level.

      My roommate kept flicking through the channels, so not only did we get to see Butler’s men’s basketball team pull through again (this time with a lead of 20 points in places!), but we also got to witness Arizona trouncing Duke. Revenge is sweet. I hope victory will be sweeter.


      A different kind of bracket

      Facebook. It’s not just good for dropping friends quick notes, wasting inordinate amounts of time looking at pictures, and breaking all the common sense rules pertaining to privacy.

      A few different friends on Facebook have been bandying a certain link around.

      I don’t actually know enough about basketball to make my own bracket. (I feel it would contain the outcomes of me pointing to a list with my eyes closed, or ordering the colleges alphabetically, or something.) However, this bracket uses a method just as unorthodox. Inside Higher Ed judged the teams’ academic performances to determine the outcomes of the matches. Guess who’s on top?

      (Except I embedded the picture before the question, so you should not have to guess. Not that it’s not hard to figure out in the first place. Go Dawgs!)

      A break from February

      Last Thursday, I wore three pairs of pants. Butler’s campus remained mostly covered in ice and snow, and the weather website listed the recorded low as negative 8 degrees. Fahrenheit.

      One week later and students are walking around in shorts. I didn’t go quite that far–I still had a scarf and coat–but it was wonderful to ride my bike again. I don’t understand the Midwest. We were all:

      And now it’s springtime!? What happens next week? (Besides the Dance Department’s Midwinter Dance Festival, of course.) Sometimes I miss the East Coast.

      Right, I promise my next post will not be about the weather or food. I’m been quite busy lately and have loads to tell you.

      Tips for college living, #2

      Ah, the out of state student. How envious are you of your friends who can drive home with a basket full of dirty laundry, a bin of papers and textbooks, and as many sweatshirts/sweaters as will fit in the trunk of a car!

      I feel for you, out of state students who take to the airport–not to the road–when holiday time rolls around. I therefore offer forth this list of travel tips.

      Tips for college living, #2: The airport edition

      1. If you wear your college gear, expect strangers to strike up conversations with you concerning your school, your major, and your hometown. If you are in the talkative mood, go for it! If your flight is exceptionally early in the morning or late at night, perhaps skip the Butler sweatshirt.

      2. If you sit in an exit row, expect the flight attendant to ask your age. One must be over fifteen to sit in an exit row; I still get inquiries. Go figure. Aaaand… this is not really a tip. Next!

      3. Bring an empty water bottle through the security checkpoint. This avoids going over the 3 ounce limit on liquids and still saves you the cost of buying overpriced drinks once in the gate area. You can fill the bottle at a water fountain. As a typically-money-strapped college student, I approve of all budget-friendly tricks.

      4. Backpacks make excellent carry-on items. As a college student, I have several backpacks from which to chose. Also, you can pack dirty clothes to take home and wash and wear… you should simply be a bit more selective than your “I’m driving home this weekend” friends.

      5. Obtain a luggage scale. Most airlines place a 50 pound limit on checked baggage. If you are checking a bag, weigh it ahead of time so you won’t have to shuffle items between bag and carry-on. If you see you have room, try to think of items you no longer need at school. For instance, I had extra space (by “space,” I mean “weight”) in my bag this trip home, so I brought back some books I no longer need at Butler.

      Now if only I could find a spot for them on my overstuffed bookcase…

      Right, I suppose those tips were not overly helpful. Some were more comments than tips, and other don’t apply just to college students. By all standards of goodness and light, I should delete this entire post and spare you the pain of reading it. Then again, if you are still reading this far, it is of your own volition.

      Tip 6. Choose a seat near the front of the plane. It’s much faster when deplaning! The further up, the better, I say. Randall Munroe, creator of webcomic  XKCD, agrees with me. So it must be true.

      Breaking news!

      Excuse the pun… I couldn’t resist. The water main in Holcomb/Gallahue burst (or something equally dramatic) today, and all students had to evacuate the building. The excitement was such that I almost wished I had decided to hang around in the Gallahue physics lounge a bit longer, but I’ve been finished with my physics problem set since Wednesday night’s study tables and I had things to do in the adjoining academic building Jordan.

      So I missed the “Everybody out! ” moments. I did, however, take pictures.

      This might have been the scene of the crime: It seemed to be the source of all the water. Below, you see all the people standing around and a close up of the gushing torrents of liquid making a waterfall out of the steps between Holcomb and Gallahue.









      The next sequence of pictures follows the water down the hill all the way to the old entrance to the pharmacy building. Water, water everywhere indeed.

      Between this and the fire alarm, Butler seems to having a lot of maintenance problems. I guess the cold is to blame for issues with heating systems (the source of last night’s smoke in the apartment down the hall) and water pipes. What a debacle. I hope it’s as easy a fix as may be expected.

      [UPDATE: This was sent as an email message to all students: “This afternoon, around 2:15 p.m., a water main adjacent to Gallahue Hall and the Holcomb Building broke causing flooding in the lower levels of both buildings and power outages in Gallahue, Holcomb, Robertson and the older portion of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences building. We anticipate that all buildings, except Gallahue, will be open tomorrow.”]