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The Injury: Part 1

“Break a leg!” my friend’s mom told me as I shuffled the multi-colored index cards in my hands, trying to bring the edges completely even. I didn’t pay much attention to the innocuous comment. I paid little attention to anything other than this presentation, since it was one of the final goals of my year.

The Undergraduate Research Conference is held once a year at Butler University, and features the scholarly work of students from several other universities. At my own panel, I would be presenting with three other students from different universities who had also completed works of creative writing.

That Morning

I was presenting my honors thesis, a project in two parts. First, there was the piece of science fiction called Kala, focused on a girl who has been torn from her home by a group of terrorists and turned into a cyborg, all to battle the an oppressive government. The second part featured a research paper that synthesized cyborg theory with thought of Romantic writers in the 18th century and examined how these forces were at play in my fiction.

The presentation went off without a hitch, and I didn’t have anything else to worry about for that weekend. In fact, I only some ultimate Frisbee to look forward to that night…



Dear Readers,

If you exist, then you’ll know that I haven’t posted on my blog in quite some time. You may be distraught. If we follow this little fantasy of mine, maybe you’re demanding a refund, and then feeling bad at the realization that you’ve enjoyed all of my writing at no charge. So you’re considering throwing a little extra money my way.

If only.

The truth is I was swept away by an injury to my leg, after which I was busy finishing the work of my senior year. To be honest, I’ll use the leg injury as the crutch of my excuse (Buh-dum. Oh and expect many more of these jokes to come).

So, over the next few blog posts I’ll cover the last two weeks of school, the joys I have to look forward to this summer, and my preparations for my coming year in Japan.

Also, thank you for existing,


Thanksgiving Shenanigans Pt. 1

For Thanksgiving break, I stayed on campus until Monday to get some work done. A good amount of time was spent cleaning up my room, finishing off leftovers (which coincidentally involved consuming every spare bit of food so that I could avoid a trip to the store), and getting homework done.

When I returned home, I had a list of things to do. Always at the top are eating and sleeping. I also picked up my sister from college and my cousin from the airport. From there, shenanigans ensued.

I went salsa dancing with my cousin, sister and her friends. This was full of attempted suaveness, embarrassment, and lots of fun. From there we played Apples to Apples while enjoying our final bites of hostess. And let me tell you, The end of Hostess really puts the sweet in bittersweet. Unfortunately, no Twinkies were to be found. We made do.

:'( They'll be missed.

See what else I did during break HERE

Thanksgiving Shenanigans Pt. 2

YouTube Preview Image

What does this video have to do with Thanksgiving break of a Butler student? Not much, besides the easily drawn correlation between the thrill of snowboarding and the excitement of chilling with family for the weekend. My cousin showed me the video. Now I have a new favorite band. More songs to be found here.

It was a week of relaxing and giving thanks for all of the incredible opportunities that I’ve been afforded. I attribute about 20% of my accomplishments to myself. This number is modeled after Woody Allen‘s quote: “80 percent of success is showing up.” I am lucky to have been born in America in a family that can send me to college. The incredible friends I’ve made have shaped me into who I am, and my professors have directed me through my academic career.

A big thanks to everyone who has been a part of my life, influential or otherwise. Sitting down to a table full of food that puts me directly into a food coma is just another opportunity to take note of a blessed and full life. Going back to school, I’ll seek to take advantage of every moment, and keep a positive attitude. Because I honestly have no reason to be pessimistic in this day and place. For that I’m grateful.

Myself and the Young-un’s

Since working with a group of middle schoolers I’ve thought more and more about the concept of education and the role of the teacher. A few times I lectured to the kids on screenwriting and poetry. A few times I did group activities where we worked together to create a character, story, or plot.

Reflecting on my education, I realize that a lot of it was centered around these two methods. In retrospect there were some great lectures and some poor. But the idea of lecturing just doesn’t seem satisfying. I recall my time in middle school where I would listen and soak everything in, while on other days my mind would drift off. On these days, the teach seemed more of a recording that could be listened to or not, depending on my mood.

With the kids, I ran through a bit of script with them and they all claimed to understand it, but afterwards were generally unresponsive. Then when they split into groups the classroom came alive and were more productive than ever. Perhaps I helped them understand it better, or perhaps I bored them out of their minds.

With all of these in mind, I looked further and found this video. So now I’m to seek a better understand of how people learn, and importantly how they learn effectively.

Post #100

I’ve made it! And my how the time flies. Post number one hundred. That should mean I’m entering into my 34th week of writing for Butler, and that makes me one happy camper. Let me take a break from the routine in order to express why it’s so great to have a chance to give back to the school that’s given me so much.

College has been all about listening to others (professors and peers) while ultimately listening to myself. It is far enough from home that I have had the space to grow into my own with the support to keep me from falling apart. I’ve spent my time trying to figure out what I’m good at, but more what I want to make of my life. It’s a scholarly place of asking the deep questions as well as a place to make life long friends.


Yet I’m sure that leaving Butler will not be a sad time. Leaving my friends will be tough, but I can only smile as I walk across the stage to receive my diploma, knowing everything that Butler has helped to teach me (about the world, as well as myself) and how far I have come since I took those tentative first steps onto campus, a freshmen who had no idea what to expect.

After. Look how far I've come! (I'm mainly referring to the facial hair)

The Beach

Spring arrives, and I did everything I could to live it up. As I already mentioned, when I visited Rome, I spent a day with my friends at Ostia, a beach city an hour outside of Rome.

Bellissima!! In typical American fashion, we threw around a frisbee on the beach, which is always my favorite because it doesn’t take a second thought to dive for a sick catch. Sand doesn’t hurt (it just gets everywhere).

Then we settled into some more clichéd activities, such as collecting shells, soaking up the sun, and taking photos of the local graffiti. Okay, so maybe they weren’t all cliché. But I think I can speak for all of Italy when I say that I am breathing a sigh of relief at the departure of winter and the coming of cool breezes, blossoming flowers, and inevitably short-wearing weather.

Morning Walk Pt. 2

At this point, I’m beyond attempting to wrap my mind around the idea that I’m here in Perugia, in the heart of Italy, able to watch the morning rays saturate the brick facades of thousand year old churches, walls, and towers. I’m just going to enjoy it.

I saw a playground at the base of the Etruscan Wall, more than 2000 years old, and could only dream of being a kid who could play here, running around and after the pigeons under the stones that have lasted through the ages, through the reigns of multiple civilizations and eras.

As I walked home, I gave thanks for this opportunity. In the caffe’ as I ate my cornetto, I pondered the mysteries of this place. Then I remembered I have some homework…maybe I can get to that later.

Morning Walk

If you’ve ever wondered, fog doesn’t “roll” in so much as it “marches” in. I say this because this morning I got up at 6:30 AM and took a stroll around the narrow streets of Perugia, and came out to the edge of the town where I drank in the panorama of Umbria hill-country.

Naturally, I came up with some of the most amazing pictures ever. This post is 1/3 words, 2/3 pictures. You’re probably sick of hearing my talk anyway.

I climbed to the nearby Monastery and sat on the steps as I contemplated the early morning sun, the tolling bells (who do they toll for again?), and the birds reveling in a sight I witness far too rarely.
The morning completed HERE

Piazza Spagna: Reflections Atop History

I am blessed to know a family who lives in Rome, a family kind enough to take me into their home for a weekend, feed me incredible food, teach me the joys of cooking, and walk me through historical, religious, and contemporary center of the city while giving me extensive background on every church, monument, and museum we came across.

Not to mention every second was spent speaking Italian, a great weekend of practice.

The first night, I took a walk and ended up at the Spanish Steps. The night struck me with two contrasting images: the solid, imperturbable weight of the Steps, the fountain in the square, the cobble stone street all contrasted with the chatting tourists, couples enjoying the evening, and vendors pushing their flashy goods.

A Beautiuful, Pensive Night

See the incredible conclusion HERE