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One year more. It's going fast. Am I taking advantage of every opportunity? You betcha.

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The Blizzard

Christmas came and went as quickly as it always does, and what were we left with? A blizzard, it would seem. Now I am left with a whole lot of free time, and not a lot to do. Sleeping gets old.

So far this morning I’ve read about the history of wine (becoming an effete is no small feat, and requires training…plus the book was a gift to me dad, and since he can’t get to it yet, I thought I’d review the book first). I also watched “La Strada,” a heart-wrenching movie from Federico Fellino that left me yearning for those “good ol’ days” when movies were made with intellect and heart. And only one car blew up, which would be way below the average of today’s movies.

If you’re wondering what to do during this time of the year, read my article here, that gives the youth of today a new way to get into the spirit of winter break without partaking in old-timey traditions. Who even knows how to roast chestnuts on an open fire? Doesn’t that sound dangerous?