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A Tough Loss

How does one deal with heartbreak? I still can’t believe that we’re done. While I’m happy that the Bulldawgs made it to the second round, I would still have liked to make it to the next round. Did we have the ability to beat Marquette? I think so. Did we have the opportunity? Yes. Did the refs make some awful calls? Let’s not go there…

It had all the makings of a magical win. We were down four with less than a minute to go. I didn’t think that we would be able to make it. Then we had a full court pass, two points from goal tending, and a botched in pass. With maybe three seconds, we had the opportunity, the kind of opportunity that we had capitalized on time and time again. It got us past Marquette once before, it got us past IU, and it got us past Gonzaga.

At this point, my only goal is to distract my mind from the defeat. I really don’t find the other games that interesting. I don’t want to be a bad sport, but I think I’ve been spoiled with back-to-back championship game runs. I was too used to the magic happening. But life goes on, and I would bet anything that our men’s team is already looking forward to next year with the drive and determination that makes this program so phenomenal.

YouTube Preview Image

If you ask me, I think we used all of our good luck here.

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! While that isn’t an Irish accent so much as a Lucky Charm’s accent, I still think that it’s necessary to bring it up on St. Patty’s day, that day that has become so far removed from the original feast day of St. Patrick that few people still consider that connection as relevant.

What do little dancing leprechan's have to do with St. Patrick? No idea.

I didn’t do a lot to celebrate. I didn’t even wear green. But what I made sure to do was eat a potato. I baked some potatoes and at them while watching Selection Sunday. I didn’t go to any parties (it’s a Sunday for goodness sake!) and I didn’t watch my favorite Irish themed movie, Boondock Saints.

All I did for my St. Patrick’s day was to prepare for the coming week. It’s going to be a busy one, so I didn’t have time for superfluous celebrations. Plus, how can I top my St. Patrick’s celebration from two years ago, when I saw Flogging Molly in concert. That’s the best way to celebrate Irish-American culture.

A Bulldog At Heart

For spring break I road-tripped down to Savannah, Georgia to soak up some southern sun on the beaches of Tybee Island and appreciate the historical center of Savannah. At the same time,  the Men’s Basketball team was entering the beginning of the A-10 tournament.

We could’ve stayed on the beach, but we couldn’t resist the possibility of watching the Bulldogs play Dayton. We found a sports bar in downtown Savannah, and enjoyed the game against Dayton. It was a fantastic experience, enjoying a few pints while enjoying Clarke’s laser threes, or Dunham’s fantastic free throw shooting.

The loss against SLU was disappointing, but that hasn’t done anything to dampen our excitement for March Madness. Today I got together with some friends to watch Selection Sunday, where we learn that Butler received a sixth seed, and will be playing Bucknell first round. This Thursday, I know what I’ll be doing!

Are we gonna lose? BUCK-NO!


It has revolutionized the way that I use information. It’s called Evernote. It’s free. And it places all of the internet under your command.

I've already got some great songs queued up to listen to the next time I'm looking for something new!

Have you ever been going through your favorite radio on Pandora and realized that you really like the song that is playing? Nine times out of ten you’ll probably forget to write it down, and then you’ll move onto another song and forget about the first forever. Then, when you’re on Spotify, you can’t think of any good new music to listen to! The way Evernote avoids this issue is that it allows you to save every bit of information that you want to remember and localizes it into one place.

You can save web pages, you can take screen shots, and you can put notes along with all of these. I have three key functions for it at the moment: research, music, and recipes. I often browse the internet for recipes, and instead of losing them forever in the virtual ether, now I can save them and always have them for reference. It’s a program I highly recommend! Plus if your phone has a high IQ (aka a smart phone) then you can sync that with Evernote to your computer.

Senior Wine Tasting

A wine tasting was put on for the senior class, and what a blast it was. Gary Hulseman, a sales manager for a wine distributor in Indianapolis, provided the beverages as well as the presentation. A wine tasting isn’t about imbibing so much as it is about education of this product that has around 5,000 years of history, and several thousand variations of grapes.

It was a class affair, and all of the seniors showed up in style. At one point I sampled a cheese puff (“Absolutely exquisite,” I declared) and there was a wonderful array of cheeses at our tables. The presentation began with an example of how to taste wine. Due to my own excitement over this very subject, I helped with the explanation to the group. Turns out that going to Italy DOES have its upsides.

The wines were incredible. We had Pinot Noirs, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Sangiovese Chianti, a Zinfandel, and many more. And I learned all the fun facts. A mellow yellow is great for food because it won’t overpower the taste of the food. A Sangiovese Chianti has an orange tint around the rim that you won’t find in any other red. It was basically one big exercise in being classy.

An Afro-Cuban Excursion

Instructions: Play song, and then begin reading.

YouTube Preview Image

Do you like Afro-Cuban jazz? Well you absolutely should. On Wednesday, the Butler Jazz Combo put on a concert of Afro-Cuban music, featuring songs by the famous Tito Puente, one of the most important names in the field. This was all done in preparation for a concert on April 20th as part of the opening of the new Schrott Hall.

It was a perfect break from classes and work. Sitting in Lily Hall, I felt myself transported away by the screaming trumpets, the sassy drums, and the rockin’ piano. You could say that, after all of this, I was pretty jazzed up.

It was like a vacation from my problems. Even though the room wasn’t cold, I could feel the beach breeze blowing past me, the warm sunlight on my face, and the sand in my toes. This is the kind of music that should be used to get people through long winter months.

It was also a good reminder about all of the incredible things that Butler students are up to, and how, as long as I am aware of them, there won’t ever be a dull day on campus. I got to see some of my good friends show off their mad music skills, and did I mention how free it was?

Getting My Spring Buff On

I’ve been called many names in my day, but “buff” or “jacked” have not come up often (or at least not in a tone). Thankfully, the HRC has provided a program to help me change this.

It’s called Sweat to Spring Break. You choose a location, and the number of miles that it is distant from Indianapolis, the number of minutes you must spend in the gym. I have selected a city in South Carolina. The self-competition started at the beginning of the semester and will end when Spring Break starts. That’s nearly a week away.

Oh dear.

So I’ve fallen behind. Apparently, in order to succeed in this competition, one needs to be “consistent” and “dedicated.” Pshaw. This has been a busy semester. Why do I have to defend myself? I don’t need to put up with this interrogation! It’s still possible, I just have to buckle down for the next week. With a free T-shirt at stake, I can probably accomplish anything.

3 Reasons to Choose Butler

I was asked to be on a panel today to answer questions for students and parents considering attending Butler. It brought me back to the time when I was looking at universities, and I thought I would take a moment to outline some of the factors that lead me to Butler.

1) Location: The campus is a twenty minute drive from Indianapolis, meaning it is close to a big city and all of the benefits that come with it. There is always something going on around the city. At the same time, campus is a bit removed from downtown, meaning you won’t get lost in the crowds and bustling streets of an urban campus. This porridge was neither too hot nor too cold.

2) Size: At approximately 4,000 undergrad students, I knew that I would be getting into something bigger than my high school, but not so big that I could fall through the cracks. The class size is where this really pays off: most of my classes have between ten and twenty students. The professors are very open to meeting with students outside of class, and understanding and generous enough to help with almost any problem.

3) Students: In the middle of my decision-making, I met with some students from the English Department. They were indicative of the enthusiastic and involved students that flourish on this came. They made me excited to be one of those students who was  part of the Butler Way.

While these are just a small percentage of the reasons to come to Butler, they were a significant part of my decision.

Looking for more reasons? Here’s a video put together by the Office of Admissions:

YouTube Preview Image

The City of Laughter and Blue People

Chicago. It’s a fantastic place to visit, and it’s just a hop and a skip away from Indianapolis. Some say Chicago is the apple of the Midwest’s eye. I guess that’s why they call it the Big Apple.

The PuLSE office put together a trip on Saturday to visit Chicago, and I made sure to sign up as soon as humanly possible. Here was the schedule for the evening. After driving three hours by charter bus, we arrived at Second City to watch some great improv and sketch comedy. We laughed, we cried (from laughing), and then we ate pizza.

The pizza was Giardano’s, a legendary name in Chi-town. After gorging myself on what must have been several pounds of cheese and tomato sauce (realizing that I would probably be blocked up for days), we saw the Blue Man Group perform. And although it was my fifth time seeing it, I enjoyed the entire production.

That same night we drove back. Even the late night ride was enjoyable, since they played the movie “Just Go With It.” I’ll say right now that I think Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston make a great couple.

YouTube Preview Image


Sky Zone! Where dreams come to soar, where the inner Spiderman is drawn out of all of us, and where people go to jump, induce nausea, and injure themselves trying that new daring trick that would have made them look so fly (pun mildly intended).

It was a free trip to one of the coolest places in Indianapolis. After an excitement filled bus ride during which my friends and I formed one of the world’s greatest dodge ball teams (Carmel Cavaliers HOOOOO!!!!) and getting lost around Fishers, we arrived. At this point we learned that we would be jumping without shoes OR socks (ewwww, some said) I forged ahead undaunted! I quickly learned that I wasn’t very good at dodge ball, was the world champion of trampoline long jump, and that there is little more disgusting than going to a public bathroom without footwear.YouTube Preview Image

The night ended with free pizza and drinks. It’s important to rehydrate after all of that jumping (that’s why I had three cups of Dr. Pepper). I also got a free sweat band, which at this point may be more sweat than band. If you’re looking for a fun way to burn some calories and work on your trampoline dunking (that’s right, I did an alley-oop on a ten foot rim) then check out Sky Zone!