About Butler

Butler University Mission Statement


Butler's mission is to provide the highest quality of liberal and professional education and to integrate the liberal arts with professional education, by creating and fostering a stimulating intellectual community built upon interactive dialogue and inquiry among students, faculty and staff.


  1. Providing the highest quality of teaching and to achieving the highest ideals of student learning, which include clear and effective communication, appreciation of beauty, and a commitment to lifelong learning, community service, and global awareness.
  2. Being a national university which serves students from other regions and other countries, while recognizing its special responsibility to serve the undergraduate and graduate students of Indiana and the Midwest.
  3. Being a residential campus, one on which both academic and non-academic aspects of student life receive important attention.
  4. Recruiting and sustaining practicing scholars and professionals dedicated to intellectual self-renewal for the benefit of their students.
  5. Cultivating an awareness and understanding of other cultures in its curriculum, and to promoting cultural and ethnic diversity of its faculty and its students.
  6. Providing intellectual, cultural, and artistic opportunities and leadership to Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.
  7. Providing opportunities and lifelong support to its alumni in recognition of their special relationship to the institution.