Design Thinking

Innovate and Execute New Ideas

Bridging the gap between left-brain and right-brain, Design Thinking helps professionals and their teams to innovate, problem solve, and execute new ideas. Butler’s online Design Thinking Certificate offers an effective learning method for this human-centered approach to building businesses and products. Our Design Thinking Certificate provides a toolkit to actually apply concepts and walk students through live projects.

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Program Highlights

Program Highlights

Design thinking is a problem-solving approach that provides the tools, thought-processes, and practices to create innovation. Applicable across any industry and profession, design thinking is proven to answer the “what” and “how” in order to develop a successful outcome in challenging situations.

  • Understand the needs of stakeholders.
  • Listen before solving.
  • Use a variety of qualitative methods.
  • Develop insights and themes.
  • Define the opportunity.
  • Create a range of possible solutions.
  • Build early drafts or prototypes.
  • Test the prototype to get feedback.
  • Incorporate feedback to improve the solution.
  • Plan for delivery, marketing, and tactical work.
  • Incorporate your typical project management process.


The Design Thinking certificate is open to anyone, with no application requirements or prerequisites, and it is available online to students across the world.



Students are Design Thinking are able to complete the program’s full curriculum or sign up for the individual courses that meet their needs.

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