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Registration and Records
Butler University Bulletin

Doctor of Pharmacy

The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program prepares students to be compassionate pharmacy practitioners who possess the knowledge and skills required as authorities on the use of medications, and who can apply pharmaceutical and biomedical science to the clinical application of drug therapy. Doctor of pharmacy practitioners trained at Butler contribute to the interdisciplinary delivery of healthcare to improve patient outcomes and serve as drug therapy information specialists. Butler PharmD graduates are also prepared for advanced specialty professional studies and for graduate study in the pharmaceutical sciences.


  • Applicants to the pre-professional or professional program who are nonnative English speakers are required to submit the results of the Test of Spoken English (TSE-A) or Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).
  • The Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum requires that students complete two pre-professional years and four professional years of study. Acceptance into the professional phase of the program allows students to begin the first professional year (P1) course work.
  • Acceptance into the professional Pharmacy Program by either the Direct Pathway option or as an internal or external transfer student is contingent upon enrollment capacity limitations of the program. All applicants must apply through PharmCas. 
  • The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences reserves the option to modify its Pharmacy Program admission and advancement procedures at any time.

Direct Pathway for Pre-Pharmacy Students Entering as First-Year Students

Students enrolling as first-year students at Butler University and declaring pre-pharmacy as their initial major have a direct path into the P1 year of the Pharmacy Program upon completion of their third semester of Butler enrollment if they meet the following criteria:

  • Cumulative GPA at Butler University of 3.0 or higher.
  • GPA greater than 3.0 in nine selected, critical pre-pharmacy courses (BI105, CH105, CH106, CH351, MA106, FYS101, FYS102,PX100, PX326).
  • No grade lower than C- in any of the pre-pharmacy courses noted above. A student may repeat a course to satisfy a subsequent course prerequisite. (Note: Withdrawals during the first student year will have no effect on the GPA calculation, but courses must be completed. A withdrawal during the fall semester, sophomore year from one of the nine classes used in the Direct Pathway formula will make the student ineligible for the Direct Pathway.)
  • Successful completion of an in-person standardized interview, including evaluation of verbal communication and interpersonal skills, ethical and professional characteristics, intellectual curiosity, leadership and emotional maturity, respect and empathy for others, and creativity.
  • Successful completion of an essay based on a standardized writing prompt administered in a proctored setting.
  • Application through PharmCas.
  • Have a record free from University or College Conduct Code violations which would result in loss of the Direct Pathway at the discretion of the Academic and Professional Affairs Committee

Direct Pathway Eligibility into the P1 year of the Pharmacy Program ceases after the student’s review for professional phase admission at the end of his or her third semester at Butler University.

A student seeking Pharmacy Program admission by the Direct Pathway option may not count more than three courses transferred from another university or awarded through advanced placement (AP) or the International Baccalaureate (IB) program toward the calculation of their direct path pre-professional GPA. Students who wish to request a variance to maintain their eligibility for the Direct Pathway with more than three courses as described can apply for a variance from the Pharmacy Admissions Committee during the fall of their sophomore year. 

A student failing to meet the criteria for admittance by the Direct Pathway will be considered for admission to the program on a competitive, space-available basis. Their name will be automatically moved for consideration by the Standard Pathway without any further action required by the student.

Transfer Students and Internal Applicants Not Classified as Pre-Pharmacy

Students who enter Butler University with 12 or more credit hours completed after high school graduation are classified as transfer students. Students entering Butler as transfer students and declaring pre-pharmacy as their intended major are not eligible for admission to the P1 year of the Pharmacy Program via the Direct Pathway option. Pre-professional transfer students, as well as Butler University students not classified as pre-pharmacy upon entry into the University as first-year students (including changes of majors), may apply for admission into the P1 class on a competitive, space-available basis. Application through PharmCas is required. This process considers the student’s cumulative GPA for all course work completed at all universities, completion of an essay based on a standardized writing prompt, and an attribute assessment through an interview.