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Butler University Bulletin

MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences Curriculum

The master’s program is an intensive curriculum of didactic courses and thesis research. Successful completion of the MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree will require at least 30 semester credit hours with not fewer than 6 hours of research credit. The findings of the research must be compiled into a thesis and defended with an oral presentation and an oral examination by the thesis committee. Course work is as follows:

Required Core Courses for Emphasis Areas of Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, and Medicinal Chemistry (total 12 credits)

* Each student will be enrolled in 1 credit hour of Current Topics in Pharmaceutical Sciences or Seminar in Pharmaceutical Sciences per semester, for a minimum of 4 total credits in the program. Each student is required to present at least two seminars as part of his or her master’s program, one of which may be the thesis defense. Students must enroll in RX781 during the semester in which their seminar presentation will take place, and RX780 during the remaining semesters. Regardless of the course in which the student is enrolled, all graduate students are required to attend all graduate seminars presented in COPHS.

Elective Courses (minimum 6 credits)

Additional elective courses will be included as per the recommendation of the Research and Graduate Review Committee.

Deficiencies in curricular background may be addressed by requiring appropriate undergraduate courses as determined by the thesis committee and/or director of the graduate program. Additional course work and/or research credits to fulfill the requirements of the MS degree will be determined by the thesis committee.

Academic Progress

The Research and Graduate Review Committee will evaluate the academic progress of MS students. Master’s students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 for satisfactory continuation of study. Students with a cumulative GPA below 3.0 will be placed on probation. Any appeal for non-research course grade disputes and/or disciplinary action should be submitted to the Research and Graduate Review Committee. A decision can be appealed to the COPHS Academic and Professional Affairs Committee. A decision of the thesis committee on the thesis and the thesis defense will be considered final.

A grade of incomplete will be assigned for Research and Thesis (RX701–RX706) at the end of the respective semester until the thesis defense is complete, as it is difficult to justify the research outcomes based on the student’s performance for a particular semester.

Research Proposal

A research proposal summarizing the goals, objectives, and timeline of the research project must be submitted within one year of admission. The proposal must be approved by the thesis committee and the director of the graduate program.

Classified or Proprietary Study

Each MS student is required to submit a thesis and present an open seminar on his or her research findings. In addition, the student is required to disseminate the research findings at national meetings and submit manuscript(s) for publication. Therefore, in order to protect the student’s interest, it is not advisable to involve him or her in any classified or proprietary research.

MS Thesis

Each student is required to submit a thesis prepared on the research findings. The thesis should be compiled following the format provided.


The research project should aim at publication of the findings in peer-reviewed research journals and submission of the work as preliminary data for extramural funding by the research advisor.

Thesis Defense

The student will present an open seminar and appear for an oral examination by the thesis committee. The committee will recommend the graduation of the student to the faculty and to the dean of COPHS subject to satisfactory completion of the didactic courses and other requirements. A student failing in the open seminar or the oral examination may appear for a second opportunity to complete the specific part of the thesis defense.